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My wikipedia editing has a tendency of spreading: I started with writing a dozen of full-length articles on materials science, then moved to other topics, mostly for the DYK project. These activities dragged me into reviewing articles (DYK, WP:GAN and occasionally WP:FAC) and eventually transformed me into a kind of wikignome – going around thousands of articles, cleaning up formatting and vandalism, adding references and figures, fixing typos and whatever caught my eye. As of 2014, most of my free time is taken by emergency matters like vandalism, though I still write short articles during calm hours.
Here are my DYKs and barnstars.

I enjoy finding good pictures for wikipedia (uploaded many thousands) and improving them with GIMP, thus I spend a significant part of my wikitime at Wikimedia Commons; I also draw crystal structures.

I use this username only on English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and very rarely on a few other related Wikimedia Foundation websites. Any user pretending otherwise is a blatant impostor (example).

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Chemistry, materials

Actinide Acetone Adamantane Alkaloid Aluminium Americium Antimony Azotobacter Berkelium Bismuth Boron Boron nitride Caesium chloride Chemical reaction Crystal structure of boron-rich metal borides Crystallographic defects in diamond Curium Diamond Dysprosium Einsteinium Ethylene oxide Gömböc Lactoferrin Liquid crystal Material properties of diamond Mercury Negative-index metamaterial Neodymium(III) chloride Optical properties of carbon nanotubes Protactinium Pyridine Resistive opto-isolator Samarium Silicon carbide Silicon nitride Synthetic diamond Technetium Tellurium Titanium Zinc oxide


Anti-tank dog Black-tailed jackrabbit Black-footed ferret Black-tailed prairie dog Canada jay Effect of psychoactive drugs on animals Etruscan shrew Eastern cottontail Eastern towhee Hispid cotton rat Northern red-backed vole Indiana bat Pinyon jay Pygmy rabbit Snowshoe hare Sora (bird) Spotted owl Townsend's ground squirrel


Aeroflot Flight 3352 Bogor Buru Campo del Cielo Coral Sea Donets Gulf of Finland Invention of the integrated circuit Nemrut (volcano) Neuschwanstein (meteorite) Pavlovsk, Saint Petersburg Pushkin, Saint Petersburg Roy Sullivan Russian polar expedition of 1900–1902 Russian ship of the line Poltava (1712) Traitorous eight Vandalism of art Venera 4

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