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User:Dcoetzee, User:Franamax and User:Worm That Turned supported my opinion. See Talk:Douglas W. Owsley/GA1. I finally fail the review, as it was clear that progress would not be made unless someone went through the entire article closely to check for sourcing problem. She continued to argue, posting attacks on me on my page[2] multiple times on Moonriddengirl's page[3] and elsewhere e.g. [4] I posted for advice adaptee wants more advice


  • Shut down outreach page: April 29, 2012
  • I finally found the outreach page where I was getting some help regarding the Online Ambassador who didn't understand copyvio/plagiarism/close paraphrase. But that page has been shut down and redirected.[5]
  • Here's the info regarding posts on that page before it was redirected.[6] That page helped me out.

Collection of WMF folk, a few of which are on en:wp

Not GA

Signpost removal