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Also see my profile in French. For more information on me, you can see my website.

I'm interested in improving markets for microtasks with uncertain rewards. If you have content to recommend on this, please send it my way at

I'm also interested in improving how Wikipedia deals with various information hazards. It's currently really bad at it.

When choosing which articles to create or improve, I try to keep the concept of differential progress in mind. I lean towards inclusionism. When content doesn't fit on Wikipedia, I also consider the following wikis: Wiki Timelines, Cause Prioritization wiki, Effective Altruism Subreddit wiki, Humanity+ wiki, WikiTree,TV Tropes, LessWrong wiki, and WikiHow. Otherwise I post on my website.

You can see my general stats on X Tools, top edits per namespace on X Tools and Wikipedia Views.

Litany of Tarski:

If the box contains a diamond,

I desire to believe that the box contains a diamond;

If the box does not contain a diamond,

I desire to believe that the box does not contain a diamond;

Let me not become attached to beliefs I may not want.

Possible changes I would like reviewed[edit]

Contributions I made[edit]

Articles I created:

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Improvements I would like to see[edit]

Articles I would like to exist:

Articles I would like improved:

Other ideas for improvement:

  • Wikipedia could offer a tool to makes maps (with different color for different countries, and with a legend for the colors)

Pages I follow[edit]

Some other pages I follow:

  • Category:Cryonically preserved people
  • Cryonics Institute (it was deleted because other contributors were not neutral)

Notes to self[edit]

Alternative cities: Gated community, Charter city, Private town


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