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Hi. I'm a post-grad student in composition at GSMD. (Completed BMus in Music at KCL, 2008.) If you want to get in touch please leave a message on my talk page, or visit my homepage,

So much of the music theory stuff on Wikipedia is really really bad (no offence intended to anyone). I hope to gradually wade through it, with other serious music theorists on here and get it more accurate. Many people rely on Wikipedia for providing them with factual information, and many of the articles in this area are just not up to scratch, compared with the many excellent articles on Music History topics for example.

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I have recently made some serious edits on the Fugue page, and False Relations. Feel free to say anything you like about them on my talk page. I think the harmony page is awful, and plan to help work on it soon.

I'm very pleased with the gradual change towards total verifiability on Wikipedia. As a student I have access to many online journals (mostly Oxford UP) as well as peer-reviewed papers etc. for free, and whenever I have the chance, I try to use these sources to create references on Wikipedia articles!

Since then I've been working mainly on the Takemitsu page. Comments and help would be seriously appreciated... Matt.kaner 18:04, 29 May 2007 (UTC)

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