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Ryan J. Hughes
Galaxor nebulon1.jpg
Born (1980-07-15) July 15, 1980 (age 38)
Other namesTemplate:Galaxor Nebulon
Political partyFRAT

Early Life[edit]

Ryan J Hughes was born on July 15th, 1980 to Michael Hughes and Linda Hughes in Lansing, MI. He is the youngest of 3 children, with an older brother Mike Hughes and sister Renee Hughes. Growing up, Ryan attended various elementary schools in the Okemos, MI area as more schools were being built in response to the growing population. In his later elementary years, Ryan joined the gifted and talented program. Hughes excelled again through his Middle school and High School years to the point of exhausting the Okemos High School's math curriculum. By his Junior year he was taking college level math courses at Michigan State University.

University of Michigan[edit]

Attempted Name Change to Galaxor Nebulon[edit]

In 2000, Hughes attempted to change his name to Galaxor Nebulon. He appeared in the Michigan 30th Circuit court in Ingham county before Judge Thomas L. Brown. After some discussion Judge Brown declared, "I don't think fun is a good enough reason to change your name!" Hughes later mused on his University of Michigan home page about returning to court and changing his name to "Honorable Judge Thomas L. Brown" but later decided against it citing the high cost of simply appearing in court.

Activism at University of Michigan[edit]

FRAT and the 1999 MSA Elections[edit]

Prior to the 1999 MSA Elections, Hughes along with other writers with the University humor magazine The Gargoyle formed the Friends Rebelling Against Tyranny party and named Hughes run for president of the MSA. Their goals, once elected, were numerous including:

  • The strong opposition to, tyranny, in all its forms. To that end, we will toil ceaselessly to see that these dreams become realized: Coke in the drinking fountains, two hour recess, Pizza for lunch every day, two-hour lunch, and no more homework.
  • resolutions including, carving the words ‘OSU sucks’(Ohio State University) onto the moon, so that everyone all over the world will know what big pansy wusses they are.
  • The abolition of the Code of Student Conduct and replace it with the Morse code of Student Conduct.
  • Further resolutions that [FRAT] WILL change the name of the ‘Michigan Student Assembly’ (MSA) to ‘Brothers and Sisters Thinking About Real Democracy’ (BASTARD), according FRAT literature.
  • provide students with least three free condoms per day, free of charge.

Despite the 21 open seats and a record 20 percent turnout, the FRAT party failed to elect any of its candidates to office.

Code of Student Conduct Hearing[edit]

On February 16, 2001, Hughes was arrested by the university's Department of Public Safety for applying purple spray paint to the anti-homosexuality sign of a Westboro Baptist Church protester. Although no police charges were filed, Hughes was charged by the university of violating its Code of Student Conduct. Hughes appeared to his hearing dressed in a clown suit and was subsequently cleared of the charge. At the beginning of the proceedings the University's lawyer told Ryan that it wasn't appropriate to dress as a clown during the proceedings. Ryan promptly asked her, "Why, I thought this was a circus!"

Life After College[edit]

Personal life[edit]

  • It was finally made clear after Ryan's run in with the University of Michigan's disciplinary commitee that Hughes sexual orientation became known. In a letter to the University's paper Michigan Daily Hughes' lawyer Jodi Masley that Hughes was bisexual. Hughes at one time listed a dating resume which humorously only listed women he had previously dated or showed interest in him.



  • Ryan's father Michael is a entertainment journalist with the Lansing State Journal
  • During his time at the University of Michigan Ryan was allegedly assaulted by a sloth while studying in the library.
  • Hughes, armed with various cooking utensils, appeared before the start of an Economics 101 class and welcomed the class' members to Home Economics 101.
  • Although never fully proven Ryan Hughes has no known relation to billionaire Howard Hughes or Howard Hughes (the murderer).
  • Ryan holds the Washtenaw County record for drinking root beer in a single sitting in an annual compettion. He won 7 straight years, losing only once to football legend Bo Schembechler. He is rumoured to have lost out of respect.
  • In an effort to build community through food in Ann Arbor, Ryan went door-to-door with an offer and the fixins to make veg. chili in his neighbors' kitchens. He was taken up on the offer by unfamiliar people who became his fast friends.
  • Right now Ryan has a crush on you.


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