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Logical connectives Hasse diagram.svg
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Logical connectives Hasse diagram.svg
Articles with a wide scope and introductions
Algebra of sets
Boolean algebra (structure)
Boolean algebra
Field of sets
List of logic symbols
Logical connective
Necessity and sufficiency
Propositional calculus
Truth function
General Information and Vocabulary
2-valued morphism
Bitwise operation
Boolean data type
Boolean expression
Boolean satisfiability problem
Boolean-valued model
Chaff algorithm
Correlation immunity
Davis–Putnam algorithm
DPLL algorithm
Formula game
Join (sigma algebra)
Logic alphabet
Logic redundancy
Logical matrix
Logical value
Modal algebra
Petrick's method
Product term
Propositional formula
Stone duality
Stone functor
True quantified Boolean formula
Truth value
Vector logic
Binary decision diagram
Implication graph
Karnaugh map
Propositional directed acyclic graph
Quine–McCluskey algorithm
Reed–Muller expansion
Truth table
Venn diagram
Logical Connectives and functions
Balanced boolean function
Bent function
Boolean algebras canonically defined
Boolean function
Boolean-valued function
Conditioned disjunction
Converse implication
Converse nonimplication
Evasive Boolean function
Exclusive or
False (logic)
Functional completeness
If and only if
Inclusion (Boolean algebra)
Indicative conditional
Indicator function
Logical NOR
Logical biconditional
Logical conjunction
Logical disjunction
Logical equality
Logical implication
Logical negation
Lupanov representation
Majority function
Material conditional
Material equivalence
Material nonimplication
Modal operator
Parity function
Peirce arrow
Sheffer stroke
Sole sufficient operator
Statement (logic)
Strict conditional
Symmetric Boolean function
Symmetric difference
Tautology (logic)
Zhegalkin polynomial
Algebraic normal form
Boolean conjunctive query
Canonical form (Boolean algebra)
Conjunctive normal form
Disjunctive normal form
Formal system
Normal Forms
Blake canonical form
Canonical normal form
Herbrand normal form
Horn clause
Negation normal form
Prenex normal form
Skolem normal form
Theorems and specific laws
Absorption law
Boole's expansion theorem
Boolean prime ideal theorem
Compactness theorem
Consensus theorem
De Morgan's laws
Duality (order theory)
Laws of classical logic
Peirce's law
Poretsky's law of forms
Stone's representation theorem for Boolean algebras
Boole's syllogistic
Entitative graph
Existential graph
Laws of Form
Logical graph
Examples of Boolean algebras
Boolean domain
Boolean ring
Goodman–Nguyen–van Fraassen algebra
Interior algebra
Lindenbaum–Tarski algebra
Relation algebra
Residuated Boolean algebra
Robbins algebra
Topological Boolean algebra
Two-element Boolean algebra
Extensions and generalizations
Complete Boolean algebra
Derivative algebra (abstract algebra)
First-order logic
Free Boolean algebra
Heyting algebra
Monadic Boolean algebra
Skew lattice
Technical applications
And-inverter graph
Boolean analysis
Boolean operations in computer-aided design
Circuit minimization
Espresso heuristic logic minimizer
Logic gate
Augustus De Morgan
Charles Sanders Peirce
George Boole
Ivan Ivanovich Zhegalkin
John Venn
Marshall Harvey Stone
William Stanley Jevons
Propositional Calculus
Clause (logic)
Deductive closure
Formation rule
Frege system
Frege's propositional calculus
Implicational propositional calculus
Intermediate logic
List of logic systems
Literal (mathematical logic)
Logical consequence
Nicod's axiom
Open sentence
Predicate (mathematical logic)
Principle of distributivity
Proof by contrapositive
Propositional proof system
Propositional variable
Rule of inference
Rule of replacement
Second-order propositional logic
Substitution (logic)
Syncategorematic term
System L
Unsatisfiable core
Zeroth-order logic
Propositional Fallacies
Affirming a disjunct
Affirming the consequent
Denying the antecedent
Rules of Inference
List of rules of inference
Absorption (logic)
Admissible rule
Associative property
Biconditional elimination
Biconditional introduction
Commutative property
Commutativity of conjunction
Conjunction introduction
Constructive dilemma
Contraposition (traditional logic)
Destructive dilemma
Disjunction elimination
Disjunction introduction
Disjunctive syllogism
Distributive property
Double negative elimination
Existential generalization
Existential instantiation
Exportation (logic)
Hypothetical syllogism
List of valid argument forms
Material implication (rule of inference)
Modus non excipiens
Modus ponendo tollens
Modus ponens
Modus tollens
Negation as failure
Resolution (logic)
SLD resolution
Structural rule
Tautology (rule of inference)
Transposition (logic)
Universal generalization
Universal instantiation
Theorems in Propositional Logic
Case analysis
Consequentia mirabilis
Double negation
Frege's theorem
Idempotency of entailment
Law of excluded middle
Law of identity
Law of noncontradiction
Monotonicity of entailment
Principle of explosion
Proof by contradiction
Reductio ad absurdum