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This is where I'm currently most active I try to spend a day on each, and move onto the next.

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I'm now an admin I have been an adminsistrator for 8 years, 4 months and 20 days. Mostly I use the extra buttons to be able to edit fully protected templates, and carry out WP:CSDs. I have also been known to block users and protect pages.

interests on Wikipedia

[edit] what do I do on here? (apart from waste far too much time wikisurfing)

I can usually be found at WP:Featured list candidates and WP:Featured list removal candidates, where I act as co-director with User:Scorpion0422. This means that when a WP:List is nominated at WP:FLC, either Scorpion or I will, after a number of weeks, determine whether or not consensus is to promote or not promote the list, and close the nomination accordingly. I occasionally participate at WP:Lambs to the slaughter, usually picking out something which interests me. If I have no knowledge in the subject, I usually point out WP:MOS breaches. Upon request, I will try to carry out any other Peer review, WP:Featured article review or at a push, copy edit. Additionally, if you need an image to be mapped, I'll do that, too.

With regards to my editing, I am usually doing something within the scope of the WP:WikiProject Television, though I quite often venture into something entirely different. If you look through my contribs, it's likely that you'll see I don't edit in the mainspace a lot; instead I write my edits down on paper, then type them out into my sandbox, and then make one large edit to an article. This is especially true for new articles or article re-writes.

When I get writer's block, I try to help out with behind-the-scenes stuff that isn't usually noticed by the average editor. There are a number of backlogs which always need attention. I tend to go for redundant media, merging and splitting articles, cleanups, renaming images, orphaned articles and images, and the occasional French to English translation.

Although I don't vandal patrol, I do revert whenever I see vandalism to a page on my watchlist. I probably should do more, but all those counter-vandalism programs such as Vandalproof, VandalSniper, WikiBench and Huggle just confuse me.

Three other things that keep me busy from time to time are

  • CAT:SHORTFIX (Replacing {{shortcut|[[WP:A]]}} with {{shortcut|WP:A}}, and {{shortcut|[[WP:A]]<br>[[WP:B]]}} with {{shortcut|WP:A|WP:B}} in {{shortcut}} and its sister templates)
  • WP:NOWRAP (Replacing {{nowrap|Entry 1}}{{·}} {{nowrap|Entry 2}} with {{nowrap begin}}Entry 1{{·w}} Entry 2{{nowrap end}}, and {{·}}{{wrap}} and {{·wrap}} with {{·w}} in Navboxes)
  • WP:DOC (Replacing {{/doc}} with {{documentation}} in templates)

When I'm bored of all that, User:Sardanaphalus#To finish/do and User:Davidgothberg always have things that need doing.

Finally, my userpage was designed by User:EyeSerene. So many thanks to him!



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