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Season 1[edit]

Season # Series # Title Director Writers Airdate
1 & 2 1 & 2 "Mother and Child Reunion"[1] Bruce McDonald Aaron Martin (story)
Yan Moore (story, teleplay)
14 October 2001
The students of Degrassi High are getting ready for their ten-year reunion party. Joey, recently widowed, is unsure if he wants to go, especially when he discovers his ex-girlfriend Caitlin is bringing her fiancé, Keith. Emma's internet boyfriend, Jordan, suggests they meet in person but her friends Manny, Toby and J.T. try to warn her of the potential danger in meeting someone from the internet.
3 3 "Family Politics" TBA TBA 4 November 2001
On the first day of school, Ashley decides to run for Degrassi Community School's Council President. Toby, her new stepbrother, is annoyed by her unchallenged status and in order to annoy her convinces his best friend J.T. to run against her.
4 4 "Eye of the Beholder" Eleanore Lindo Yan Moore(story)
Tassie Cameron (story, teleplay)
11 November 2001
Terri does not want to attend the school dance because she thinks she's too fat for any guys to be interested in her. Spinner likes her, but Paige wants him for herself and by playing on her insecurities, gets Terri drunk. Meanwhile, J.T. and Toby skip the dance to look at adult sites on the internet.
5 5 "Parents' Day" TBA TBA 18 November 2001
With Parent's Day looming, Toby tries to convince his divorced parents that the event is canceled in order to avoid an ugly public spat between them. Meanwhile, Ashley and Paige vie for the attention of Toby's mom, who happens to be a casting agent.
6 6 "The Mating Game" TBA TBA 25 November 2001
Jimmy and Ashley are coming up to their eight month anniversary, but with Paige playing Juliet to Jimmy's Romeo for their English class assignment, Ashley wonders if she will have to have sex with Jimmy to keep him interested.
7 7 "Basketball Diaries" TBA TBA 2 December 2001
Jimmy is desperate to make the basketball team, but with all the practicing, his schoolwork is suffering. To get an energy boost, he convinces Spinner to skip a Ritalin pill and give it to him with disastrous consequences for both.
8 8 "Secrets & Lies" TBA TBA 9 December 2001
Ashley's dad is coming home from Europe and she's happy until she finds out he's gay. Meanwhile, Liberty has the biggest crush on J.T., but he's not interested, and tells her he too is a homosexual.
9 9 "Coming of Age" TBA TBA 16 December 2001
With his parents working all the time, Jimmy starts to spend all his time at Ashley's. Feeling smothered, she decides to break up with him. When he is left home alone on his birthday and confesses Ashley's family is all he has, she stays with him. Meanwhile, Emma learns her mood swings are not just because of stress when she gets her first period.
10 10 "Rumours and Reputations" TBA TBA 6 January 2002
Liberty is getting extra tutoring from Mr. Armstrong for her dyscalculia, leading to a rumour that something else is going on between them. Spinner finds a bug in his school lunch, but when no one believes him, he decides to fight fire with fire.
11 11 "Friday Night" TBA TBA 27 January 2002
When Jimmy and Spinner are given detention by a stressed Ms. Kwan, they vow revenge and set out disrupt her adult class and vandalize her car. They realize they may have gone too far when Ms. Kwan breaks down and takes a leave of absence. Sean asks Emma out on a date, but it's one disaster after another.
12 12 "Wannabe" TBA TBA 3 February 2002
Paige starts a Spirit Squad at school, and Manny, with gymnast training, wants to become a cheerleader. Manny starts to hang out with the "in crowd" and soon realizes who her real friends are when Emma publishes a critique of cheerleading in the school newspaper.
13 13 "Cabaret" TBA TBA 17 February 2002
It's the annual Degrassi Lunchtime Cabaret, and Ashley's convinced she and Terri are going to be the stars. Terri is not so sure and wants to add Paige—and some fun—to the act, but knows Ashley will not be happy. Meanwhile, in the hopes of impressing Emma, Toby agrees to help her in her interpretive dance about endangered animals.
14 14 "Under Pressure" TBA TBA 24 February 2002
The last thing Sean wants is to repeat Grade 7 for a second time, but when he does not finish his exam, he is convinced that is what will happen. Stressed to boiling point, he picks a fight with Jimmy, but when Emma tries to intervene, Sean lashes out at her as well.
15 15 "Jagged Little Pill" TBA TBA 3 March 2002
Ashley and Toby invite too many friends over after their parents leave for a weekend. While the evening starts out quiet, things begin to go awry after J.T. brings an ecstasy pill for Toby, Sean and himself, which Ashley ultimately consumes.

Season 2[edit]

Season # Series # Title Director Writers Airdate
1/2 16/17 "When Doves Cry"[1] TBA TBA 29 September 2002
As a new school year begins, Degrassi expands into a full fledged high school encompassing Grades 9 through 12. Newcomer Craig catches the eye of Emma and Manny, and makes a friend of Sean, but his home life is less than perfect as he deals with an abusive father. When Joey, Craig's step-father finds out, he invites Craig to live with him instead. Paige and J.T go on a date.
3 18 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Phil Earnshaw Yan Moore (story)
Shelley Scarrow (story)
Susin Nielson (teleplay)
6 October 2002
Spike tells Emma she's dating her old school friend, and Emma's teacher.After Spike cancels a girls' night with Emma in to be with Archie instead, Craig helps Emma and Manny to crash the seniors' '80s dance. Meanwhile, Spinner and Jimmy enter the breakdancing contest to win tickets to a Maple Leafs game, but do not fare well against Marco.
4 19 "Karma Chameleon" TBA TBA 13 October 2002
Ashley attempts to make amends for her actions at her house party, but ends up with fewer friends than before when Sean asks her on a date. Toby becomes smitten with Kendra, without realizing she's Spinner's sister.
5 20 "Weird Science" TBA TBA 20 October 2002
Emma becomes uncomfortable about winning the Science Fair competition given the relationship between her mother and Mr. Simpson, one of the judges. Matters are complicated further when Manny accidentally e-mails the entire class the details of the relationship. Meanwhile, Spinner is having trouble controlling his erections, and Jimmy takes advantage of the situation by volunteering Spinner to act out a romantic role in drama class.
6 21 "Drive" TBA TBA 27 October 002
Craig thinks he has free rein to drive after Joey asks Craig to move a car on his used car lot. When Joey goes out of town for the weekend, Craig and his friends take one of Joey's cars for a joyride, but they get caught. Ashley has found a friend in Ellie and considers getting her belly-button pierced.
7 22 "Shout" Part One TBA TBA 3 November 2002
When Degrassi beats rival school Bardell at a soccer match, it does not stop the losing team's star player, Dean, from having a party. The evening takes a sinister turn when Dean locks Paige in a room with him and refuses to take no for an answer. Meanwhile, J.T. and Toby struggle to maintain their friendship when they cannot keep their shared locker clean.
8 23 "Shout" Part Two TBA TBA 10 November 2002
Ashley has a new song for Paige Michalchuk and the Sexkittens to rehearse, but it is about rape. After her recent sexual assault, Paige can not bear to hear it and walks out on the band. When Ashley confronts her, Paige breaks down and reveals the truth. Meanwhile, Liberty acts out in an attempt to show J.T. she isn't as boring as he thinks she is.
9 24 "Mirror in the Bathroom" TBA TBA 17 November 2002
Tired of being known as "the computer geek", Toby decides to join the wrestling team when he sees how popular Sean is. Determined to be accepted, Toby begins to trains excessively, skip meals and take laxatives. Meanwhile, Terri attempts to hide her job as a plus-size model to her friends.
10 25 "Take My Breath Away" TBA TBA 24 November 2002
Manny finally decides to ask Craig out on a date after crushing on him for months but the next day, each of them seem to remember the evening differently while recounting the event to their friends. Ellie writes anonymous love notes to Marco, but he thinks Hazel sent them, who also likes him.
11 26 "Don't Believe the Hype" TBA TBA 1 December 2002
Hazel is the prime suspect when a Muslim girl she taunts is discriminated against on International Day. However, Hazel is hiding the truth behind her own background. Meanwhile, as Liberty struggles in the sewing portion of home economics, J.T. is breezing through and agrees to pass his projects off as hers in order to avoid embarrassment for both of them.
12/13 27/28 "White Wedding"[1] TBA TBA 5 January 2003
It's a big day for many people as the wedding of Spike and Snake approaches; Craig, Toby, and J.T. attempt to convince Joey to throw a bachelor party complete with strippers for Snake, Emma wrestles with her relationship with Sean after Manny invites him to the wedding, and Spike debates whether or not to tell Snake about her pregnancy.
14 29 "Careless Whisper" TBA TBA 3 January 2003
Ellie wants more than just friendship with Marco, but he cannot resolve feelings of confusion concerning his sexuality when he finds that, while he wants to, he cannot bring himself to kiss Ellie. When she realizes the truth, she promises not to tell anyone and agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Toby wants to spend every second with Kendra, but she soon feels suffocated.
15 30 "Hot for Teacher" TBA TBA 10 January 2003
J.T. is given detention with Ms. Hatzilakos, and as they spend the time taking care of a set of guinea pigs he begins to develop romantic feelings towards her. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Spinner agree to an "all honesty" pact, but are soon at each other's throats.
16 31 "Message in a Bottle" TBA TBA 17 January 2003
Emma and Sean are a couple again and she invites him over to her house for dinner, but a misunderstanding with Spike and Snake leads him to storming out. He heads over to Jimmy's house who is hosting a party, and begins to raid the liquor cabinet. He is convinced he has lost Emma again, but when she catches up with him and he explains the pressure he is under at home, she reassures him she still has faith in him.
17 32 "Relax" TBA TBA 26 January 2003
Liberty is upset when she does not make the girls hockey team, and when Ms. Hatzilakos makes her team manager she throws herself into the job, but begins to take it too seriously. Meanwhile, Terri reads Paige's palm and finds no life line which leads her to believe that Paige's days are numbered.
18 33 "Dressed in Black" TBA TBA 19 January 2003
With the relationship between Jimmy and Ashley seemingly back on track, she begins to doubt herself when Jimmy tells her he preferred her old look to her new Gothic image. Meanwhile, after a sex education class, J.T. convinces Toby to purchase condoms in preparation for a sexual encounter with Kendra, something that neither Kendra nor Spinner take kindly to.
19 34 "Fight for Your Right" TBA TBA 2 February 2003
When Emma's protest against genetically modified foods in the cafeteria is all but ignored by Mr. Raditch, it inadvertently leads to a food fight. When she gets the chance to apologize, she stands firm and finds herself suspended. Meanwhile, Spinner becomes frustrated by the fact that Jimmy's dad will buy him whatever he wants while he cannot afford anything.
20 35 "How Soon Is Now?" TBA TBA 9 February 2003
Paige has had six months of counselling to help get over her rape, but when Dean returns to Degrassi for a basketball game, she refuses to watch the game. When Spinner and J.T. learn the truth, they picks a fight with him to defend her honour. Ellie and Marco struggle with Marco's sexuality.
21 36 "Tears Are Not Enough" Part One Phil Earnshaw Aaron Martin (story, teleplay)
James Hurst (story)
16 February 2003
It is time for finals and J.T. agrees to be Liberty's date for the year end dance when he needs her to tutor him. Meanwhile, Craig's dad reappears in his life and Craig asks him for help with the Science exam. When Mr. Manning hits Craig once again though, Craig's timid personality begins to take over.
22 37 "Tears Are Not Enough" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Aaron Martin (story, teleplay)
James Hurst (story)
23 February 2003
Following the death of his father, Craig feels he can act like himself again, but everyone thinks he should care a little more. At the dance, Paige and Spinner, Hazel and Jimmy, and Ashley and Craig compete to win Luau King and Queen.

Season 3[edit]

Season # Series # Title Director Writers Airdate
1/2 38/39 "Father Figure"[1] Bruce McDonald Aaron Martin (story)
Yan Moore (story)
James Hurst (teleplay)
17 September 2003
Emma becomes determined to locate her father, Shane McKay, after Spike enters the final days of her pregnancy. When she does ultimately find him, she is not prepared for what she sees. Spike goes into labour when Shane makes a trip to the Nelson family home. Spinner is having a hard time buying the perfect gift for Paige. This episode is named after a song by George Michael.
3 40 "U Got The Look" Stefan Scaini Jana Sinyor (story, teleplay)
Brendon Yorke (story)
1 October 2003
Sick of being perceived as "cute", Manny resolves to change her image to "hot", which catches all the boys' attention, especially when she starts wearing very visible thongs. However, her change in appearance also changes her attitude, which leads to problems between her and Emma. Meanwhile, Joey becomes too involved with Craig's new band. This episode is named after a song by Prince.
4 41 "Pride" Part One Phil Earnshaw Aaron Martin (story, teleplay)
James Hurst (story)
Shelley Scarrow (story)
8 October 2003
The skeletons in Marco's closet are brought to the forefront when Ellie refuses to pretend to be his girlfriend any longer and he soon becomes interested in Paige's gay brother, Dylan. But when Marco comes out to Spinner, Spinner storms off in disbelief. Meanwhile, Snake suddenly develops a mysterious illness that is causing him spontaneous bleeding and dizziness. This episode is named after a song by U2.
5 42 "Pride" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Aaron Martin (story, teleplay)
James Hurst (story)
Shelley Scarrow (story)
15 October 2003
Spinner tries to cut Marco out of his life after he learns that he is homosexual, but soon changes his tune when Marco is roughed up by a group of thugs in a park. Snake is informed that his illness is actually leukaemia and shaves his head in a public spectacle in an attempt to put a happy face on his seemingly dire situation. This episode is named after a song by U2.
6 43 "Gangsta Gangsta" Allan Eastman Sean Jara (story, tekeplay)
Rebecca Schechter (story)
22 October 2003
The relationship between Emma and Sean hits a series of sour notes when Emma's troubles at home divert her from her boyfriend, leading Sean to become friends with Jay Hogart, one of Degrassi's leading thugs. Meanwhile, J.T. begins to distance himself from Toby and associate more with the "in crowd", much to Toby's disappointment. This episode is named after a song by N.W.A..
7 44 "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Stefan Scaini Aaron Martin (story)
Shelley Scarrow (story, teleplay)
29 October 2003
Craig has a hard time telling Ashley how he feels, so he writes her a song instead. Grateful, Ashley decides to finally have sex with him following Paige's birthday party, but overzealous Craig brags to Spinner, which leads Ashley to call the encounter off. Manny, sees it as an opportunity to move in on Craig. Meanwhile, as Snake undergoes chemotherapy, he becomes sullen and depressed, and in an attempt to cheer him up, Joey takes him to a bowling alley with their old friend Wheels. This episode is named after a song by The Clash.
8 45 "Whisper to a Scream" Phil Earnshaw James Hurst (story)
Rebecca Schechter (story)
Tassie Cameron (teleplay)
5 November 2003
With her dad away from home working with the Army, Ellie's mother turns to drinking. The stress causes Ellie to start cutting herself, but when she gets caught, she finds help from an unlikely source. This episode is named after a song by Icicle Works.
9 46 "Against All Odds" Stefan Scaini Aaron Martin (story)
Craig Cornell (story)
James Hurst (teleplay)
12 November 2003
With Sean and Emma officially broken up, Emma sets her sights on the new kid in school, Chris Sharpe, and goes to a rave with Manny where he's DJing. Manny meets up with Craig at the rave and continues to make advances on Ashley's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Spinner is still a bit uneasy to be around Marco, especially at Jimmy's house where the three of them are spending the night. This episode is named after a song by Phil Collins.
10 47 "Never Gonna Give You Up" John Bell Yan Moore (story)
Craig Cornell (story)
James Hurst (teleplay)
19 November 2003
While Terri is happy to have a new boyfriend in her life, Hazel and Paige become suspicious when she comes to school with cuts and bruises. Meanwhile, a rivalry develops between Spinner and J.T. after J.T. continually hangs around Paige. This episode is named after a song by Rick Astley.
11/12 48/49 "Holiday"[1] Phil Earnshaw James Hurst (story)
Shelley Scarrow (story)
Aaron Martin (teleplay)
17 December 2003
It's Christmas time and Joey and Sydney are getting serious, as are Ashley and Craig, although she is unaware he is seeing Manny behind her back. Caitlin shares an intimate moment with Joey, and begins to wonder if they could ever be more than friends. Ashley sneaks a peek at the gifts Craig's bought for her, but the next day at school she sees Manny wearing them. When she confronts Manny, they both find out they've been lied to. This episode is named after a song by Madonna.
13 50 "This Charming Man" Stefan Scaini Aaron Martin (story)
Nicole Demerse (story)
Jana Sinyor (teleplay)
10 December 2003
Chris has finally dumped his girlfriend, and he asks Emma out. She is still heartbroken over Sean ditching her to hang out with thugs like Jay and his girlfriend Alex, and reveals they're the ones who have been stealing from Degrassi. Sean lands two months worth of detention, and she nearly ruins her relationship with Chris, who believes Emma is behaving the way she is because she has not gotten over Sean. This episode is named after a song by The Smiths.
14 51 "Accidents Will Happen" Part One Eleanore Lindo James Hurst (story)
Nicole Demerse (story)
Shelley Scarrow (teleplay)
26 January 2004
Manny worries that she might be pregnant with Craig's child after missing a period and having morning sickness. She asks Spike for help, and finds support from her, Emma, and even Craig who seems surprisingly pleased. Meanwhile, Toby tries to join J.T. in the "in crowd" by promising Jimmy that he can hack into the school's database and change his low math grade. This episode is named after a song by Elvis Costello.
15 52 "Accidents Will Happen" Part Two Eleanore Lindo Aaron Mart James Hurst (story)
Nicole Demerse (story)
Shelley Scarrow (teleplay)
9 February 2004
Ashley, still bitter over Craig cheating on her with Manny, tells the whole school about her pregnancy. When Manny and Craig fail miserably at taking care of Spike and Snake's baby, Jack, Manny realises she's not ready to be a mother at her age and considers an abortion. Meanwhile, Liberty tries to forget about J.T. and sets her eyes on Sean's friend Towerz. This episode is named after a song by Elvis Costello.
16 53 "Take On Me" Phil Earnshaw Aaron Martin (story)
Sean Carley (story, teleplay)
16 February 2004
In an homage to The Breakfast Club, Mr. Raditch introduces Saturday detention, and Jimmy, Toby, Hazel, Ellie, and Sean are the first inductees. Despite being in different cliques, they begin to gel together as the day progresses leading them to wonder how their friendships will fare on Monday. This episode is named after a song by A-Ha.
17 54 "Don't Dream It's Over" Allan Eastmandon't Aaron Martin (story)
Christine Alexiou (story)
Rebecca Schechter (teleplay)
23 February 2004
A weekend road trip involving Paige, Spinner, Jimmy, Hazel, Terri, and Rick soon leads to tragedy when Terri's abusive ex-boyfriend pushes her to the ground, smashing her skull and putting her into a coma following an emotional outburst. Ellie makes plans to hang with Marco, and brings him on her date with Sean. At school on Monday, Ellie is far from pleased with the way Sean treats him. This episode is named after a song by Crowded House.
18 55 "Rock & Roll High School" Stefan Scaini James Hurst (story)
Rebecca Schechter (story)
Brendon Yorke (teleplay)
8 March 2004
Craig's band Downtown Sasquatch go up against Ashley's Hell Hath No Fury for a chance to win a recording session. When Ashley makes it personal by singing a song about what Craig put her through, Craig attempts to counter by making his song an apology. Meanwhile, Caitlin gets a crash course in parenting when she must care for Joey and Angie after the patriarch of the Jeremiah clan injures his back. This episode is named after a song by The Ramones.
19 56 "It's Raining Men" Andrew Potter Aaron Martin (story)
James Hurst (story, teleplay)
15 March 2004
Marco is prepared to go on his first date since coming out of the closet and tries to take out Dylan, but when they do, it is one disaster after another. Meanwhile, J.T. hosts a party at Toby's house after he stars in a commercial for French fries. However, the audience feedback is less than stellar. This episode is named after a song by The Weather Girls.
20 57 "I Want Candy" Stefan Scaini Aaron Martin (story, teleplay)
Shelley Scarrow (story)
22 March 2004
Paige and Spinner decide to skip class, but when Ashley still has not returned to school after her emotional trauma following her breakup with Craig, Paige insists on bringing her along with them on their day off. Meanwhile, Emma and J.T. discover Snake's will, leading Emma to believe that the chemotherapy has failed. This episode is named after a song by Bow Wow Wow.
21 58 "Our House" Allan Eastman Aaron Martin (story)
Yan Moore (story, teleplay)
29 March 2004
Sean's brother gets a job in Alberta, but Sean wants to stay at Degrassi. He finds out student welfare will cover his living expenses if he keeps his grades up, but when Jay and Alex use his apartment as a place to hold parties, he finds it's difficult, especially when a girl gets alcohol poisoning. J.T. wants to ask Manny to the upcoming semi-formal but starts to have second thoughts when he sees her with Craig, thinking there's something going on between them. This episode is named after a song by Madness.
22 59 "The Power Of Love" Stefan Scaini Aaron Martin (story, teleplay)
James Hurst (story)
5 April 2004
It's the end-of-the-year dance at Degrassi, and Jimmy wants it to be perfect for his date and friends, but one misfortune after another continually plagues the evening. Feeling guilty for stealing Snake's laptop, Sean comes clean, but getting Mr. Simpson's forgiveness is not easy. This episode is named after a song by Huey Lewis and The News.

Season 4[edit]

Season # Series # Title Director Writers Airdate
1/2 60/61 "Ghost in the Machine"[1] Phil Earnshaw James Hurst (story)
Shelley Scarrow (story, teleplay)
7 September 2004
Paige learns that the legal system is not perfect when Dean is acquitted of all rape charges when her case finally goes to trial. Meanwhile, Craig celebrates his 16th birthday and receives $10,000 from his dad's will, which he spends on an extravagant guitar. But Joey soon disapproves of Craig's reckless spending when he reveals that his car lot may be going bankrupt.
3 62 "King of Pain" Stefan Scaini Shelley Scarrow (story)
Sean Reycraft (story, teleplay)
21 September 2004
Marco reveals his sexuality to his mother, but not to his homophobic father. When he runs for School Council President, Alex, his competition, decides to play dirty politics by threatening to reveal his homosexuality at the Election assembly, which his dad is going to attend. Chris wants to get back with Emma, but she's not interested until she notices sparks flying between him and Liberty.
4 63 "Mercy Street" TBA TBA 21 September 2004
Rick returns to school, and Emma's popularity increases when she leads Hazel, Jimmy, Paige and Spinner into running Rick out of Degrassi for good. Meanwhile, after seeing Manny's ex-boyfriend Craig naked in the locker room, J.T. is worried she will start comparing them both, and starts using a penis pump.
5 64 "Anywhere I Lay My Head" Philip Earnshaw Shelley Scarrow (story)
Richard Clark (story, teleplay)
28 September 2004
Sean asks Ellie to move in with him, but she is unsure until her mom gets drunk again and burns their kitchen down. With Paige sick, Manny is in charge of the Spirit Squad's car wash fund raiser. She asks Spinner if Downtown Sasquatch will play at the event, and things get steamy between the two.
6 65 "Islands in the Stream" Phil Earnshaw Aaron Martin (story)
Sean Reycraft (story, teleplay)
28 September 2004
After being fired from The Dot Grill, Paige gets a job working alongside her nemesis Alex at the movie theatre concession stand. Mr. Simpson partners Rick with Toby in Media Immersion class, resulting in a new friendship. They compete to see who can get more kisses from the girls at school.
7 66 "Time Stands Still" Part One Stefan Scaini Aaron Martin (story)
Brendon Yorke (story, teleplay)
5 October 2004
Jimmy becomes a member of the "Whack Your Brain" quiz team, and realizes the anti-Rick campaign has gone too far. He tells Jay, Spinner and Alex to lay off Rick, but they're not convinced, and humiliate him in front of the entire school. Joey has financial troubles, and decides to sell the house. When his real-estate agent gets nowhere, he asks ex-girlfriend realtor Sydney to help.
8 67 "Time Stands Still" Part Two Stefan Scaini Aaron Marting (story)
Brendon Yorke (story, teleplay)
12 October 2004
Rick comes back to school after being humiliated during the "Whack Your Brain" contest. Toby and Mr. Raditch tell him to take the afternoon off, but Rick chooses to stay. Cleaning himself up in the washroom, Spinner and Jay trick Rick into thinking the prank was carried out by Jimmy, and he vows revenge, causing two students to be shot, and one killed. Caitlin returns from Africa and saves Joey's home by buying it herself.
9 68 "Back in Black" Ron Murphy Aaron Martin
Miklos Perlus
19 October 2004
In the aftermath of the school shooting, Sean has become the hero. When his mother is interviewed on TV, Sean and his friends take a trip to Wasaga Beach, Ontario so he can confront his past, but instead he decides to stay and live with his parents. Toby wants to go to Rick's funeral but finds himself shunned by J.T. and Danny.
10 69 "Neutron Dance" Ron Murphy Sean Carley (story, teleplay)
Miklos Perlus (story)
26 October 2004
The recording deal Downtown Sasquatch won the year before is about to expire, and the band is nowhere near good enough. Things get worse when Craig asks Ashley to join the band, angering the other members. Paige joins Hazel at yoga class, and develops a crush on Matt Oleander, the teaching assistant.
11 70 "Voices Carry" Part One Phil Earnshaw Sean Reycraft 2 November 2004
It is Ashley's dad's wedding, and Craig and Ashley are back together again. He creates a romantic setting in a motel room, and Ashley loses her virginity to him. At the wedding Craig announces he and Ashley are engaged, which angers her parents and Ashley has to set him straight. J.T. and Liberty are struggling to put together a play to raise school spirits.
12 71 "Voices Carry" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Sean Reycraft 9 November 2004
After Ashley's rejection, Craig spirals into a deep depression. When Liberty and J.T. both get detention after writing an inappropriate song about Mr. Raditch for their play, they share a moment that brings them closer together.
13 72 "Bark at the Moon" Ron Murphy Sean Reycraft (story)
Aaron Martin (teleplay)
23 November 2004
Manny is attracted to a new guy at school, and Spinner can not be bothered to take the night off work to go to the Cupid Dance with her. Afraid Spinner is going to break her heart the way Craig did, Manny realizes that she is actually the one who cannot commit to their relationship. Paige tries to get partnered up with Mr. Oleander, and it seems he's also interested in her. Because of the shooting, Mr. Raditch has to leave Degrassi.
14 73 "Secret" Part One Eleanore Lindo Shelley Scarrow 30 November 2004
Emma has not got over witnessing Rick's death, but is reassuring everyone that she is okay. When former enemy Jay shows Emma the risqué things he and other kids do at the ravine, she's torn between walking away and joining in. With the discovery of Craig's bipolar disorder, Ashley tries to get him help from a support group only to find that Ellie attends it, too.
15 74 "Secret" Part Two Eleanore Lindo Shelley Scarrow 7 December 2004
When Jay's girlfriend and another girl he has been seeing at the ravine are diagnosed with gonorrhea, Emma begins to worry, especially after find she has one of the symptoms. Bored of spending his days in the hospital, Jimmy enlists the help of Craig and Marco to see his favorite band.
16 75 "Eye of the Tiger" Ron Murphy Brendon Yorke (story, teleplay)
R. Scott Cooper (story)
14 December 2004
While Danny has a hard time accepting J.T. and Liberty's relationship, Jimmy returns to Degrassi. When Spinner tells Jimmy it is his fault he is in a wheelchair, every friend he has, as well as his girlfriend Manny, cut Spinner from their lives. The new school principal, Ms. Hatzilakos, has no choice but to expel Spinner and Jay.
17 76 "Queen of Hearts" Sudz Sutherland Sean Reycraft 17 January 2005
Struggling to pay the rent, Ellie discovers she can earn money playing euchre with Dylan's hockey teammates. When Alex wants to play for more money, Ellie has to decide whether or not to trust her and gamble her rent away. Paige and Matt are having a secret affair, but Paige wonders whether he's still seeing his ex-girlfriend behind her back.
18 77 "Modern Love" Sudz Sutherland Miklos Perlus (story)
Shelley Scarrow (teleplay)
24 January 2005
Paige and Mr. Oleander's relationship is still a secret, but when Snake spots them together in the park, and Manny lets the cat out of the bag, Paige learns that he might not be as comfortable with their relationship when it can jeopardize his teaching career.
19 78 "Moonlight Desires" Phil Earnshaw Aaron Martin (story)
Sean Reycraft (teleplay)
31 January 2005
Marco is upset when he discovers he is unable to donate blood at the blood drive because he is gay, and then catches Dylan in bed with another guy. He is unwilling to break up until Dylan insists that they have an open-relationship. After breaking into the school, Spinner decides to burn it down, only to have Jay talk him out of it. After pleading with Ms. Hatzilakos, she gives him another chance to come back to Degrassi.
20 79 "West End Girls" Phil Earnshaw Shelley Scarrow 31 January 2005
Paige claims all the glory for the spirit squad's success, even though Manny has been picking up the slack for her. Caitlin interviews film director Kevin Smith who tours Degrassi Community School as a possible location for his latest movie Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!, and he asks Craig to write the soundtrack, which Craig hopes will keep Ashley from going to England for the summer.
21 80 "Going Down the Road" Part One TBA TBA 7 February 2005
Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Alanis Morissette arrive at Degrassi to film the new Jay and Silent Bob movie. Craig decides to go to London with Ashley, but she's not so happy with the idea. When Kevin and Caitlin go to a bar one evening after filming, they end up kissing.
22 81 "Going Down the Road" Part Two TBA TBA 14 February 2005
Everyone thinks Craig's gone to England with Ashley, but following her latest rejection he is actually living in the school's boiler room and is off his medication. Thanks to Kevin, Caitlin has to make the decision of moving to Los Angeles or staying with Joey.

Season 5[edit]

Season # Series # Title Director Writers Airdatecode
1 82 "Venus" Part One Phil Earnshaw Sean Reycraft (story)
Shelley Scarrow (story, teleplay)
19 September 2005
Anxious to pursue an acting career, Manny visits a casting agent who tells her to "dump the lumps." She considers getting a liposuction and a breast augmentation, but when her father finds out, he calls her a loose girl and a slut. Upset, she goes to party with new guy Peter Stone, where she proceeds to get drunk. Desperate to be popular and liked, she flashes her breasts at Peter, who films it on his video camera. Meanwhile, it's Craig's birthday, and his friends decide to hide that fact that Ashley has a new boyfriend and is staying in England.
2 83 "Venus" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Sean Reycraft (story)
Shelley Scarrow (story, teleplay)
26 September 2005
When Manny refuses to date Peter, he releases his video of her to the entire school, which causes Paige to throw her off the Spirit Squad, and her parents to throw her out of the house. Ellie becomes Downtown Sasquatch's new drummer, and Emma and Manny find out that Principal Hatzilakos is Peter's mother.
3 84 "Death of a Disco Dancer" Stefan Scaini Sean Reycraft 3 October 2005
Paige has her entire future mapped out until boyfriend Matt returns a changed man and throws things into chaos. Things go from bad to worse when she smokes weed with Alex and has to interview for Banting University stoned. Derek gives Jimmy problems as he plays around during basketball practise.
4 85 "Foolin'" Stefan Scaini Brendon Yorke (story, teleplay)
Miklos Perlus (story)
10 October 2005
J.T. thinks his life could not be better until he learns Liberty is pregnant. He finally has enough of her controlling ways when she humiliates him in front of his friends and they break up. Spinner makes a friend in Darcy, who takes him to her Friendship Club.
5 86 "Weddings, Parties, Anything" Phil Earnshaw James Hurst (story, teleplay)
Alexandra Zarowny (story)
17 October 2005
Downtown Sasquatch has a wedding gig, but things get complicated when Manny and Ellie vie for Craig's attention. Joey has a date with the bride's sister, but wonders if he's too old for her when he overhears her friends gossipping about him.
6 87 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" Phil Earnshaw Miklos Perlus (story, teleplay)
James Hurst (story)
24 October 2005
At his father's urging, Jimmy tries out for the National Wheelchair Sports Association's Junior Basketball Team, but while he wants to concentrate on his art, his father keeps pressuring him to succeed in the sport. J.T. and Liberty beg Danny not to tell anyone they're pregnant.
7 88 "Turned Out" Part One Eleanor Lindo Brendon Yorke 31 October 2005
J.T. and Liberty tell her parents she is pregnant and that they plan on living together, but with no income, J.T. resorts to stealing prescription drugs and selling them to a drug dealer. Emma, tired of being single and a "third wheel" to Manny and Craig, decides to go on a date with Derek, but she really wants to be with Peter, all the while knowing it would upset her best friend.
8 89 "Turned Out" Part Two Eleanore Lindo Brendon Yorke 7 November 2005
J.T.'s life becomes complicated when he becomes tangled in a web between his boss, the drug dealer and the police. Liberty finds out what he did and tells him she wants nothing more to do with him. Realizing how much of a hole he had dug himself in, he overdoses on painkillers. Meanwhile Spike has trouble accepting Snake's mid-life crisis when he buys himself a motorbike.
9 90 "Tell It To My Heart" Stefan Scaini Sean Carley (story, teleplay)
Sean Reycraft (story)
14 November 2005
Marco helps Tim come out to his parents, but when he finds out Marco's still in the closet, Marco comes to the realization that has to finally tell his father. Emma's growing relationship with Peter could spell the end of her friendship with Manny.
10 91 "Redemption Song" Stefan Scaini Alexandra Zarowny (story teleplay)
James Hurst (story),
21 November 2005
With the one year anniversary of the school shooting approaching, the students are trying to deal with it in different ways. Spinner's relationship with Darcy is going well, but Jay nearly ruins it by telling her she should have sex with Spinner if she wants to keep dating him. Jimmy faces a tough decision on what direction he should take in his life, and as he gets closer to Ellie, Hazel starts to get jealous.
11 92 "The Lexicon Of Love" Part One Phil Earnshaw Sean Reycraft (story, teleplay)
Kate Miles Melville (story)
28 November 2005
At the premiere of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!, Paige and Alex discover they enjoy each others' company a lot more than they probably should. When they kiss, Paige struggles to deal with her feelings. Emma, on a date with her new secret boyfriend, discovers another secret couple at the premiere.
12 93 "The Lexicon Of Love" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Sean Reycraft (story, teleplay)
Kate Miles Melville (story)
5 December 2005
Kevin Smith helps a confused Paige come to terms with her sexuality and her feelings for Alex. Emma feels compelled to tell her mom she saw Snake and Ms. Hatzilakos together, and gets him thrown out of the house.
13 94 "Together Forever" Ron Oliver Aaron Martin (story, teleplay)
Brendon Yorke (story)
12 December 2005
Craig and the band may finally have a shot at a record deal, but for Craig it means leaving Toronto behind. Liberty refuses to slow down in the last stages of her pregnancy, which causes her to go into an early labour.
14 95 "I Against I" Stefan Scaini Brendon Yorke (story)
Aaron Martin (story)
James Hurst (teleplay)
30 January 2006
Spinner tries to redeem himself and improve his life, and Marco becomes the first person to forgive him. The members of the Friendship Club put Spinner in a difficult position when they reveal their feelings about homosexuality, which threatens Spinner and Marco's regained friendship. On the third anniversary of Spike and Snake's wedding, Caitlin and Liz O'Rourke return to cheer her up.
15 96 "Our Lips Are Sealed" Part One Stefan Scaini Kate Miles Melville (story, teleplay)
Sean Reycraft (story)
20 February 2006
With Snake out of the house, Emma can feel her family falling apart, and decides the only thing she can control is her and Manny's diet regime. When she discovers a new way of losing weight through vomiting, she ends up fainting in the school hall. Snake makes an attempt to reconcile with Spike.
16 97 "Our Lips Are Sealed" Part Two Ron Oliver Avra Fein (story)
James Hurst (story, teleplay)
Alexandra Zaraowny (teleplay)
27 February 2006
Emma finds it difficult to keep her relationship with Peter a secret from Manny. When Manny confronts her about the way she's been purging and avoiding meals, Emma finally tells Manny about her new boyfriend, putting them both at odds. After Peter becomes wise to Emma's eating habits he decides that she needs help, and along with Manny and the newly reunited Spike and Snake, hold an intervention that has terrible results. Meanwhile, Alex and Hazel try to get along for Paige's sake.
17 98 "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Ron Oliver James Hurst (story)
Aaron Martin (story, teleplay)
6 March 2006
Marco is interested in the prospect of a new romance, but when Dylan comes back into his life and he realizes their relationship might not be over. Liberty is overcome with guilt over giving up her baby for adoption after discovering the family is moving to Seattle, Washington.
18 99 "High Fidelity" Part One Phil Earnshaw Brendon Yorke 13 March 2006
Spinner lies to Darcy about being a virgin, but when she finds out the truth about him and Manny, her jealousy and upset over being deceived leads to the break-up of their relationship. Meanwhile, Paige and Alex's relationship comes to an end when Paige becomes too controlling. Spinner seeks solace with ex-girlfriend Paige, and Alex finds comfort with Jay.
19 100 "High Fidelity" Part Two Phil Earnshaw James Hurst 20 March 2006
Jimmy is told he has to repeat his senior year after missing too much school while recoving from being shot and paralyzed. Ashley returns to Degrassi and Jimmy begins to feel like a whole man around her. Paige tells Spinner that their night together was a one-time thing, and after making peace with Jimmy, he realizes the mistake he has made with Darcy. The Class of 2006 graduates. This is the 100th episode of the series.

Season 6[edit]

Season # Series # Title Director Writers Airdatecode
1/2 101/102 "Here Comes Your Man"[1] Phil Earnshaw James Hurst 29 September 2006
When Peter is given a new car for his birthday he starts to compete in street races with Sean, who has returned to Degrassi. Marco and Dylan find an apartment, but Marco is overwhelmed when he has to juggle keeping his relationship with Dylan a secret from his father, finding roommates, choosing university courses with Ellie, and throwing Paige a going away party all at the same time. Sean is suspended from school when Ms. Hatzilakos finds marijuana in his locker after a tip-off. Emma finds herself torn between her feelings for current boyfriend Peter and her ex-boyfriend Sean. When Sean and Peter compete in a late night street race, Sean loses control of his car and hits a pedestrian. Ellie moves into her dorm room at university, and discovers the roommate from hell.
3 103 "True Colours" Stefan Scaini Nicole DeMerse 6 October 2006
Peter receives 500 hours of community service and house arrest for his part in the street race, while Sean faces prison. Ellie is devastated to discover that her first newspaper article she has written has been rejected. Emma finds out Peter put the drugs in Sean's locker, and ends their relationship.
4 104 "Can't Hardly Wait" Stefan Scaini Brendon Yorke (story)
Will Pascoe (story, teleplay)
13 October 2006
Jimmy starts coaching the girls' basketball team, and wants to take his relationship with Ashley to the next level. Since his paralysis, however he has not been able to get an erection. Darcy, the new Spirit Squad captain, clashes with choreographer Manny over new girl Mia.
5 105 "Eyes Without a Face" Part One Phil Earnshaw Shelley Scarrow 20 October 2006
Peter, Danny and Derek decide to join the Spirit Squad, and Darcy's My Room web page becomes popular when Peter takes racy photographs of her and Manny to raise money for new outfits. J.T. tries to move on from Liberty by going on a date with Mia.
6 106 "Eyes Without a Face" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Shelley Scarrow 3 November 2006
Darcy's relationship with Spinner comes to an end when he objects to the risqué photographs on her My Room page. Ellie starts dating her newspaper editor Jesse, but is worried about still being a virgin. Darcy's double life is exposed when a deranged pervert accosts her in the street and reveals himself to be her biggest web page fan.
7 107 "Working for the Weekend" Stefan Scaini Aaron Martin (story)
Brendon Yorke (story, teleplay)
10 November 2006
The results for Spinner's career aptitude test upset him when it suggests he should become a clown, police officer, or lumberjack. When Jimmy decides to design and sell T-shirts, he and Spinner decide to go into business together and open a store. After making a success of their business, Jimmy and Spinner's store is burglarized, and they lose their profits. Meanwhile, Alex returns to school to increase her grades to become a physical therapist, but her bullying past comes back to haunt her.
8 108 "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Stefan Scaini Aaron Martin (story)
Nicole De Merse (story, teleplay)
17 November 2006
When Sean is released from jail, Spike and Snake take him in. He begins working with Jay as an auto mechanic, and discovers what Jay and Emma did in the ravine two years ago. Derek and Danny have problems when a teacher begins bullying them, and report him to Mr. Simpson.
9 109 "What's It Feel Like To Be a Ghost?" Part One Eleanore Lindo Aaron Martin (story)
Tassie Cameron (story)
James Hurst (story)
Duana Taha (story, teleplay)
2 January 2007
Craig returns to Degrassi to play a music festival, but Manny finds out he is addicted to drugs. His other friends are pleased Craig has made something of himself, and invite him to a dinner party. When Manny realizes she cannot keep up with the level of conversation, she and Craig leave the table and take some cocaine. Ellie finds Craig's stash, but he tells her it belongs to Manny. Liberty is out to ruin J.T.'s relationship with Mia, and reveals a secret of his, and Mia realizes she might not know J.T. as well as she thought she did.
10 110 "What's It Feel Like To Be a Ghost?" Part Two Eleanore Lindo , t Aaron Martin (story)
Tassie Cameron (story)
James Hurst (story, teleplay)
Duana Taha (story, teleplay)
2 January 2007
Ellie blames Manny for Craig's drug abuse, but even Jesse can see that is not the truth. Taking Back Sunday play at the university, and Ellie gets the chance to interview the band. When Craig blows off Manny to take more drugs, she ends their relationship. Meanwhile the Degrassi/Lakehurst school rivalry is heating up, and the Lakehurst gang are out to get J.T. for dating Mia, who has a child with one of them. Craig performs his song on stage, but when his nose starts to bleed, Ellie realizes he really does have a problem.
11 111 "Rock This Town" Gavin Smith Brendon Yorke 9 January 2007
Manny throws a party at the Nelsons' house while Spike and Snake are out of town. J.T. finally decides he really wants to be with Liberty, rather than Mia, his current girlfriend, and goes to find Liberty to tell her his feelings. Outside, he finds the Lakehurst gang urinating on his car and confronts them, which results in him being fatally stabbed.
12 112 "The Bitterest Pill" Sudz Sutherland James Hurst 9 January 2007
In the aftermath of J.T.'s murder, all of Degrassi is in mourning. Liberty and Toby plan a memorial that reflects J.T.'s enthusiasm for life. Toby also has to consider letting Liberty know J.T.'s true feelings for her. Ellie tells Jesse about her kiss with Craig.
13 113 "If You Leave" Sudz Sutherland Duana Taha 9 April 2007
A riot breaks out between Lakehurst and Degrassi after Degrassi students protest Lakehurst's participation in the Spirit Squad Regionals. Marco worries Dylan is cheating on him again, but when he follows Dylan to confront him, Dylan reveals he is moving to Switzerland to play hockey.
14 114 "Free Fallin'" Part One Phil Earnshaw Shelley Scarrow 28 March 2007
Stressed at Banting University, Paige has a panic attack during an exam. Her professor gives her another chance to catch up on her work, but she has a huge family dinner to prepare. The stress put on Paige causes her to set fire to her dorm room by accident. Peter wants forgiveness from Darcy, but he has his work cut out before she gives it to him.
15 115 "Free Fallin'" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Nicole DeMerse 4 April 2007
After setting fire to her dorm room and her poor grades jeopardizing her degree, Paige returns home. Darcy gives in to Peter's advances, and the pair start dating.
16 116 "Love My Way" Stefan Scaini James Hurst 16 April 2007
Alex is upset when Paige begins having casual relations with both Ellie's ex-boyfriend Jesse, and Spinner. Snake catches Emma and Sean buying condoms, and he is far from happy.
17 117 "Sunglasses at Night" Stefan Scaini Brendon Yorke 23 April 2007
Peter and Darcy's secret relationship is heating up. Marco is having a hard time dealing with Dylan's departure, and becomes addicted to online gambling. In order to pay off his debts, he steals from his father.
18 118 "Don't You Want Me?" Part One Phil Earnshaw James Hurst 7 May 2007
Alex and her mother facing eviction. When Jay's girlfriend lines her up with a job as a waitress in a strip club, she discovers there is more money to be made on stage. Emma thinks she might be pregnant, but is disappointed to find out Sean's future plans do not include her.
19 119 "Don't You Want Me?" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Brendon Yorke 14 May 2007
With Sean about to leave to join the Army, Emma realizes she may be about to become a single teen mother. Paige is distraught when she sees Alex stripping, and fails to understand why she continues to do it. When Alex finds out her mother used the money she earned to bail her boyfriend out of jail instead of paying the rent, Alex moves out and makes amends with Paige.

Season 7[edit]

Season # Series # Title Director Writers Airdate
1 120 "Standing in the Dark" Part One Phil Earnshaw Brendon Yorke 5 October 2007
The Degrassi students return after the winter break to find the school has merged with nearby Lakehurst High following a devastating fire there. As the new students acclimatize themselves to their new surroundings, a fuming Toby struggles to contain his anger over their presence so soon after J.T.'s death, and lets his feelings be known through his podcast. Meanwhile, Darcy wants to begin the new semester by telling everyone that she and Peter are a couple, much to Peter's distress. Following a skiing trip, they both get drunk at a party. Too intoxicated to realize what she is doing, Darcy allows herself to be taken into a bedroom by an unknown man who rapes her.
2 121 "Standing in the Dark" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Brendon Yorke 5 October 2007
Darcy believes she and Peter had sex the night of the skiing trip, and Peter brags to his friends about it, but later realizes he did not sleep with her. News spreads about a "roofie-rapist" and Manny and Peter try to make her face the fact that she could have been raped. When she visits the sexual health clinic for a check up, her results come back showing she has contracted a STD, and upsetting her further, the other members of the Friendship Club insist she take off her abstinence ring, then Darcy attempts suicide in the Locker Room Shower. Meanwhile, Ellie wants Marco to forget about Dylan and move on, and arranges a date for him to help him get over Dylan.
3 122 "Love is a Battlefield" Stefan Scaini Duana Taha (story, teleplay)
Brian Hartigan (story)
12 October 2007
Paige begins to get back on her feet after dropping out of university and she starts by getting a job in the fashion world. Meanwhile, Alex starts to take life easy following a troubled semester by smoking weed all day and getting high; however, their relationship comes to an end when Paige's job interferes with Alex's principles. Meanwhile, Manny considers starting a relationship with Damien, but finds it impossible when they disagree on a unified Degrassi–Lakehurst student body.
4 123 "It's Tricky" Stefan Scaini Duana Taha (story)
Brian Hartigan (story, teleplay)
19 October 2007
Inspired by Craig's success as a rock star, Ashley decides she wants to get back into the music industry, and brings Jimmy along for the ride. Performing at an open-mic night, Jimmy outshines her and catches the attention of a record executive. When he insists they put a CD together featuring the both of them, Ashley agrees but later removes Jimmy's vocal track without him knowing. Meanwhile, Mia has problems with her Lakehurst locker buddy, Holly J., the younger sister of Heather Sinclair.
5 124 "Death or Glory" Part One Phil Earnshaw James Hurst 2 November 2007
Life is looking better for Spinner as he starts to build a relationship with Jane but after getting into a fight at school he begins to feel pain, and realizes something is wrong. Jimmy convinces him to see a doctor, who tells him he has testicular cancer. In the meantime, Darcy finds a confidant in Mr. Simpson and reveals that she is the victim of a drug-induced rape.
6 125 "Death or Glory" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Brendon Yorke 9 November 2007
Spinner finds it difficult to deal with his bad news, especially as his father died of cancer. His behaviour becomes increasingly antisocial as he shaves his hair into a Mohawk and begins to pick fights with Johnny DiMarco, Lucas Valieri and Bruce the Moose, though this causes him to become a hero amongst the Degrassi students for fighting the Lakehurst thugs. Mr. Simpson warns Spinner that the police will get involved if he does not stop fighting, and Spinner realizes that if he does not stop, his recovery over the forthcoming months will be difficult. Meanwhile, unable to cope with being alone following Dylan's departure, Marco begins to believe that anyone who strikes a conversation with him will be his new best friend.
7 126 "We Got the Beat" Phil Earnshaw Aaron Martin (story, teleplay)
Vera Santamaria (story)
16 November 2007
Manny's debut is approaching, and weary of her father's incessant managing of her life invites bad boy Jay to be her escort in the hopes of turning the affair into a shambles. Things do not quite go off as planned however, when her parents seem to like him. Meanwhile, after Ashley and others disappoint him with their selfish actions, a discouraged Jimmy finds the strength to persevere through more intensive physical therapy with help from a new friend named Trina.
8 127 "Jessie's Girl" Phil Earnshaw Vera Santamaria (story, teleplay)
Aaron Martin (story)
8 February 2008
Caitlin Ryan returns to Toronto for a guest lecture at Toronto University, which Ellie is covering for the newspaper. At Degrassi Community School, Mia thinks Anya should grow a backbone and stand up to Holly J.'s antics. She engages in an emotional tug of war with Holly J. for Anya's well-being, and although Anya seems to be appreciative, she still cannot cut Holly J. from her life. Ellie catches Caitlin and Jesse making out, and the following day a drunken Ellie confronts Caitlin about it on stage during the lecture.
9 128 "Hungry Eyes" Pat Williams Duana Taha 15 February 2008
When Emma's friends comment on her predictability, she decides to become a sexy spokes-model for Purple Dragon, an energy drink company that is giving away free promotional items at school. When Emma realizes the ideals behind the product, she makes a shocking stand by ripping off her Purple Dragon outfit and standing naked in front of the entire school. Meanwhile, Mia discovers Sav has never kissed a girl, and in an attempt to rekindle their old relationship, decides to help him out by giving him lessons. Her hopes are deflated, however, when she discovers he is interested not in her, but in Anya.
10 129 "Pass the Dutchie" Pat Williams James Hurst 22 February 2008
Spinner is trying to cope with the effects of cancer and chemotherapy, and although he has some prescription medications, they do not seem to help with his nausea. He turns to Jay, who sells him some weed. After discovering that he has been getting high with his ex-girlfriend Darcy, Jane begins to wonder if their relationship is really worth all the effort. Meanwhile, Paige is tired of the demands and mistreatment at her job and decides to take a few days off work to reassess her options.
11 130 "Owner of a Lonely Heart" Eleanore Lindo Nicole DeMerse (story, teleplay)
Matt Huether (story)
29 February 2008
Still overcome by his feeling of loneliness, Marco becomes attracted to the club hopping lifestyle his new friend Devon is leading. When Marco's financial situation becomes desperate and he fails to keep up with Devon's clique, Devon introduces him to the world of prostitution, which he baulks at. A mutual attraction between Manny and Jay leads to trouble after Manny's father catches them during a passionate encounter, so Manny and Jay concoct a sham engagement on the spot to keep her meddling parents at bay.
12 131 "Live to Tell" Eleanore Lindo Kate Miles Melville 7 March 2008
Unable to cope following her rape, a troubled Darcy descends down a self-destructive path of lies, promiscuity and disturbing behaviour that costs her her boyfriend and her place on the Spirit Squad. Aware of her problems, Mr. Simpson attempts to reach out to her, but when he rebuffs her sexual advances, she accuses him of abusing her. Meanwhile, Jimmy is tired of relying on Ashley for everything, and with his friend Trina from physiotherapy there to help him spread his wings, Jimmy is left with a tough decision to make.
13 132 "Bust a Move" Part One Bruce McDonald Vera Santamaria
Brendon Yorke
31 March 2008
Manny decides she wants to attend Smithdale University which has a great acting department. Jay helps her film an audition DVD, but he also records them having sex so he can watch it when she moves away. The following day, Manny becomes uncomfortable with Jay's plans for their future when their relationship is only supposed to be faked. After a fight, he deliberately switches her audition DVD with his sex movie. Liberty, Ashley and Emma join Manny on a two day road trip to Smithdale so they can attend a Purple Dragon concert with a secret performer using tickets Ashley has been given. When Jay begins to regret his actions and decides to fix what he has done to Manny, he offers a ride to Spinner and Jimmy, who also have concert tickets. Meanwhile, Darcy's parents are becoming concerned with her behaviour and send her to a "brat camp" for spring break, where she is forced to confront her demons.
14 133 "Bust a Move" Part Two Bruce McDonald Vera Santamaria
Brendon Yorke
4 April 2008
Jay, Spinner and Jimmy drive to Smithdale in the tow truck from Jay's work, but find themselves under arrest and incarcerated for the night when the truck gets reported stolen. Manny discovers what is on her DVD, and feeling stressed and upset, blows her audition with Professor Dunwoody. After being released from jail, the boys finally arrive at Smithdale, and pretending to be Manny's agent, Jay successfully persuades the professor to give Manny another chance at auditioning. Manny's performance impresses Dunwoody, who offers Manny a place at Smithdale University. At the brat camp Darcy begins to come to terms with her feelings of being raped and with help from Peter finds an inner-strength she never knew she had. At the concert, everyone discovers that Craig Manning is the secret performer, and Ashley reveals that she will be touring with him in Europe. Manny forgives Jay for his stupidity, and their fake engagement becomes a real engagement.
15 134 "Got My Mind Set on You" Graeme Lynch Matt Huether (story, teleplay)
Brendon Yorke (story)
11 April 2008
Danny and Derek team up with Peter and Rachel on a class assignment. Derek develops a crush on Rachel, but she hits it off with Danny instead. Derek's jealousy over Danny leads him to play a prank that goes wrong when Danny is accused of theft. Emma is finding it difficult to deal with the false accusation made against Snake, and when Damien offers a little help, she becomes a little too focused on him.
16 135 "Sweet Child o' Mine" Graeme Lynch Vera Santamaria 18 April 2008
After finally being accepted on the Spirit Squad, Mia's teenage life is coming together, but the responsibility of looking after her daughter is taking its toll. Isabella's father Lucas wants back into Mia's life to help her out with Isabella, but Mia holds back. As he tries to convince her he has changed, she considers the fact that it might be in her daughter's best interests. Manny and Jay's relationship has taken a transition from fake engagement to a real one, but they still have some trust issues to work out.
17 136 "Talking in Your Sleep" Sturla Gunnarsson Duana Taha 28 April 2008
Everything is going well for Paige, and her good luck streak continues when she spends the night with her roommate Griffin; however, the next day Paige accidentally discovers several bottles of prescription medications in Griffin's room. Not knowing what they are, she asks Marco to help satisfy her curiosity. Paige recognizes the medication as the HIV cocktail, and is furious that Griffin would have sex with her but not warn her about his medical condition. Despite having used a condom, she is still scared. She gets tested, but learns the test cannot give meaningful results until six months after exposure. Meanwhile, Jane and Darcy become close after exchanging secrets, but Jane has difficulties understanding the meaning of friendship.
18 137 "Another Brick in the Wall" Sturla Gunnarsson Sara Snow 25 April 2008
Since being suspended due to the sexual misconduct allegations, Snake has been staying home feeling depressed. Emma is unhappy too, as she cannot invite any of her school friends to their house. When Snake is finally allowed back to work he finds some students do not welcome his return, especially the Lakehurst students who do not know him well. After staying home the following day and getting drunk, Spike tells him they need time apart and leaves with their son Jack, while Emma decides to stay and support Snake. Meanwhile, Holly J. is failing math and starts getting tutored by Toby, who needs dancing lessons to pass gym class. As they spend more time together, they realize there is a spark between them, but Toby admits that Holly J. is not the type of person he would want to be with, especially around his friends and insists that Holly J. must stop acting like a Queen Bee.
19 138 "Broken Wings" Stefan Scaini Vera Santamaria 12 May 2008
Jimmy is ecstatic to learn he has been accepted into Hudson University, but first he wants to regain the use of his legs. He wants to try stem-cell surgery in order to walk again, but his father is not so fond of this idea. After a bad year, Peter decides to start a band, and enlists Sav and Danny. When they try to get Spinner to be their drummer, he tells them they suck and simply do not look like band material, but after they find an image which suits their desire to be anonymous, Spinner joins them.
20 139 "Ladies' Night" Stefan Scaini Brendon Yorke 26 May 2008
Anya is put in charge of a Free The Children Freedom Fast, but Holly J. makes her life difficult by not getting along with her boyfriend Sav. Anya makes the two work together, and as they become friendly they exchange secrets, until Holly J. betrays Anya. Angry and upset, Anya declares war and carries out the perfect revenge, putting an end to their friendship. Meanwhile, Jay is desperate to get back the engagement ring that Manny pawned. At an auction they attempt to recover some money by selling their tickets to Malta, but Jay makes a scene because of the low bidding. Disappointed, he breaks into the pawn shop to steal the ring. He writes a declaration of love to Manny and gives it to her with the ring, but when she finds out he stole it, she ends their relationship.
21 140 "Everything She Wants" Gilbert Shilton Emily Andras
Duana Taha
2 June 2008
Mia and Lucas are doing well, but Mia wants to be more of a normal teenager. She knows however, that Isabella is her first priority. She keeps this in mind during a party at Lucas' house, but as she lets herself go and has some alcohol, things get out of hand. The police come to shut down the party when a neighbour complains about the noise, and when they discover Mia has been drinking while taking care of her child, they call in Child Services. Meanwhile, Spike and Jack return home to Emma and Snake, and Sean returns while on leave from the Military. He stays at the Simpson–Nelson home, though he and Emma know their relationship has ended. He starts to train Snake at the Degrassi gym, but when he starts pushing him too hard, Mr. Simpson realizes he is very scared, and with good reason—Sean is being shipped off to Afghanistan now that he has finished basic training.
22 141 "Don't Stop Believin'" Gilbert Shilton Matt Huether 9 June 2008
Paige tells her roommates that her dad has offered to buy her a condo, and with Ellie's workload at the newspaper increasing, Marco knows he will truly be alone. As he and Ellie try to figure out what they will do after the school year is over, they consider going their separate ways but realize how much they depend on each other for everything. At the same time, Liberty and Damian learn they have tied for the highest marks in class, so a vote will be conducted to determine who will be valedictorian.
23 142 "If This Is It" Phil Earnshaw Vera Santamaria 16 June 2008
Spinner is at risk of failing the school year if he cannot bring himself to study for his physics exam. With Jimmy's help, it looks likely that he will graduate, until he begins to think about his plans after school. He considers failing so he can repeat the year with Jane and his band, Stüdz, much to her disappointment. Manny is offered a role on a television series, but she is also accepted into Smithdale's drama program. Initially the idea of working on a popular show is tempting, but when she sees what life is like on set when the cameras are not rolling, and the main star tells her he would have loved to have gone to Smithdale, she must make an agonizing choice.
24 143 "We Built This City" Phil Earnshaw Brendon Yorke 23 June 2008
As the Class of 2007 graduates, Liberty wants their graduation party to be perfect, and has arranged for Natasha Bedingfield to perform. Things are going well, until her growing attraction with Damian leads to a kiss which is caught by Manny and Toby. Both Emma and Toby are furious, and all their friendships are put on the line. Meanwhile, Ms. Hatzilakos tells Peter that they have to move away. When Peter asks his father if he can live with him and his new wife, his father tells him there is no room for him since they are having a new baby. A distraught Peter and Darcy wonder how, and even if, they can stay together.

Season 8[edit]

Season # Series # Title Director Writers Airdate
1 144 "Uptown Girl" Part One Phil Earnshaw Brendon Yorke 5 October 2008
Degrassi gets a new principal for the new school year, Mr. Shepperd (or "The Shep"), whose laid-back style is popular with the students, but surprises Snake. The Shep establishes and coaches the Panthers, the new football team lead by quarterback Danny Van Zandt as the captain. On the first day of school The Shep decides to cancel classes and hold a fashion show for the football team's new uniform, and Mia begins to form a friendship with new student Leia. At the fashion show, Mia grows close to Danny when she models with him, and she is spotted by an talent agent who offers her a place on the books of a modeling agency. When she attends an audition with T-Bombz's star Q.B. Tom Blake, Mia thinks she performed badly, especially after seeing another model flirting with him. She visits his apartment late at night to convince him she should get the job, and when he makes sexual advances towards her, she does not fight back. Meanwhile, Emma, Manny and Liberty arrive at Smithdale University, but Emma is upset to learn that they will not be rooming together. After speaking to the Housing department, Emma gets them into a room together with a male named Kelly – whom she thought was female. While Manny and Liberty throw themselves into the fun and activities of orientation week, Emma is disappointed that their relationship with each other is changing, until Kelly shows her how to have a good time without them.
2 145 "Uptown Girl" Part Two Phil Earnshaw Duana Taha 10 October 2008
Clare, K.C., Alli and Connor begin their Gifted Program classes, but Clare finds it difficult to make friends with the others, believing she is more intelligent than them. K.C. challenges Clare when she tells them she does not care what people's opinions are of her, but after performing a hymn in the cafeteria and gets booed, jeered, and food thrown at her, she runs out upset. After eating lunch with Connor in the Media Immersion classroom the following day, K.C. makes attempts to build bridges with Clare, who reveals that she feels as if she is always in the shadow of her older, and more popular sister, Darcy. Meanwhile, Mia is offered the T-Bombz modelling job and takes Leia with her to the press conference where the official announcement is made. Tom Blake invites them to a private party that night, and while Mia is more than happy to engage in their activities, such as drinking alcohol and group sex, Leia is not, and after chastising Mia, leaves the party. The following day Mia arrives late for school, and while her social status is gaining strength among the hierarchy of Power Squad members Anya, Holly J., and Chante, Leia is disgusted, especially after finding out she slept with Blake. When Danny asks Leia if she thinks he has a chance of being Mia's boyfriend, Leia is forced to tell him the truth. Mia is angry after discovering she was going to be offered the job before she slept with Blake, and upset when Danny tells her what he thinks of her.
3 146 "Fight the Power" Eleanore Lindo Matt Heuther 17 October 2008
Jane loves football and wants to play, but since there is no girls' team, her only other option is playing with the boys, which isn't easy. As Jane makes the team, the boys make her life hell. When a game starts, she is the best of all, but Derek makes the team lose. He blames it on Jane, causing the rest of the team wonder if Jane can play football. Peter hosts an after party, but he is disappointed with Darcy, who couldn't make it due to a four-month trip she tells him about at the last minute. Mia falls for Peter and shows him comfort. The next day at practice, Jane complains that she had nothing to do with the team losing. After practice, Derek and Bruce attack Jane, leaving her in pain and Spinner angry. Peter and Mia start a casual relationship, but he secretly still has feelings for Darcy. Jane returns to practice the next day, saying she is as part of this team as anyone else is. Sav, Danny and everyone else sticks up for her except Derek and Bruce.
4 147 "Didn't We Almost Have It All" Eleanore Lindo Sarah Glinski 24 October 2008
At Smithdale, Liberty decides to join a sorority. At first she is bound to join her mother's former sorority but then is recruited by a member of a sorority called Pi Gamma Pi. The heads of the sorority begin to stereotype Liberty, assuming that she is from an underprivileged background, that J.T. died in a gang-fight, and that she is good at hip-hop dancing. She is reluctant at first, but then she begins to try the party-girl lifestyle, and anything to join the sorority. When she is accepted and another fellow black girl is not, Liberty realizes that the sorority just needed a token. Meanwhile, The Shep has given Holly J. the presidency of the student council, and she tells Danny not to complain and he gets the secretary job. At Power Squad practice, Chante makes a comment about Anya and Sav losing their virginity to each other, and Holly J. becomes desperate. She then tries to lure a new student, Blue, who is exceptional in art.
5 148 "Man With Two Hearts" Graeme Campbell Mat MacLennan 7 November 2008
Peter's life cannot get any better. With a new girlfriend, Mia, and an awesome guy-friend, Riley, to play video games with. However, when Riley drops a smooch on Peter, Riley tries to hide his sexuality. At first, when Peter tries to bring things back to normal between them, things turn harsh when Riley tries to attack him. He later makes a snide remark about Peter and his sexuality when Derek and Bruce come up. Peter begins to reveal Riley's secret, but he stops, and Riley finally begins to come to a understanding with Peter. Meanwhile, Connor, Clare. K.C., and Alli are working on a robot project in media immersion. In order to snoop around in their teacher's house, Alli pushes that Connor host the next study night. Alli ends up persuading Clare to go with her into the Simpsons bedroom, and they find a vibrator. Spike tells them that she knows what they were doing, since she was once their age. The girls hide it in Clare's bag and it goes off during class. When Clare is sent to The Shep, Clare's mother is called in. After thinking she was being to harsh to her about the incident, Mrs. Edwards decides to have "the talk" with her, which Clare later uses the knowledge to embarrass Holly J. in front of the school.
6 149 "With or Without You" Graeme Campbell Sara Snow 14 November 2008
Sav and Anya plan to celebrate their six-month anniversary on the school's overnight trip. Things look good for Sav until he finds out that his little sister Alli is coming on the trip with them. At first, Alli won't keep away from him and Anya, but eventually she starts seeking after Johnny. Now Sav is too worried about what Alli is doing behind his back to express any interest toward Anya. When he tells Alli off for getting close to guys like Johnny, Anya refuses to tolerate his double standard any longer and calls it quits with him. Meanwhile, over at Smithdale, Emma and Manny are both crushing on their roommate Kelly. They know they are too mature to do this again, but they can't help but be interested in who he likes. When Emma has had enough, she rushes into Kelly's room, only to find him in bed with Gwenith. He later tells an embarassed Emma and Manny that he is not going to date his roommates, which they reluctantly accept.
7 150 "Money for Nothing" Sturla Gunnarsson Jeremy Boxon 21 November 2008
Holly J. is desperate to keep her Queen Bee appearance even after learning her parents are in a financial crisis, but is finding it harder and harder to hide when she is forced to take the bus to school and brown-bag her lunch. She even has to beg Spinner for a job at The Dot, despite her terrible waitressing skills, but when Holly J. is overcome with even more stress, she feels that she has to take it out on someone else so she spills Mia's secret at a Degrassi news conference about what she did with Tony Blake. Unforunately, she learns the hard way that gossip won't make her any more popular when her "friends" begin to stop including her. Meanwhile, Peter's mom, unexpectedly drops in for a visit. She stays with him at his apartment for the time that she's in town, but when she begins getting too involved with his life, he realizes that life isn't that great with Mom around.
8 151 "Lost in Love" Part One Bruce McDonald Matt Huether 30 November 2008

Spinner and Jane have plans for next year - she'll start pre-law and he'll attend police college. When he doesn't get in, he can't bear to tell her, so he lies. Jane catches him and starts to wonder if her future includes him. Clare gets invited to the dance by both K.C. and Connor. When it looks like their struggle for her attention will jeopardize Robot Wars, she decides to go with neither.

Kelly and Emma finally admit they have feelings for each other and agree to go out on a date.
9 152 "Lost in Love" Part Two Bruce McDonald Sarah Glinski 13 February 2009
Desperate to win Jane back, Spinner sneaks into the Leadership Convention Jane is speaking at and proposes. When Jane turns him down, Spinner breaks up with her, but when Jane realizes she needs Spinner in her life, she worries she won't be able to win him back. Clare goes to the dance with Connor to avoid hurting his feelings, but when she dances with K.C., the person she really wanted to go with, she hurts Connor anyway.
10 153 "Bad Medicine" Sturla Gunnarsson Michael Grassi 25 January 2009
Degrassi has won their first football game, thanks to Riley. He's suddenly become stronger, and tells Peter he is taking steroids. Riley goes on a date with Anya, only to repress his being gay. His old friend from 3 years ago appears, trying to get closer to him. Riley' s becoming more and more violent, and severely hurts Sav. Peter confronts Riley, and Riley tells him about his childhood dreams about being a star athlete, having lots of friends, and a girlfriend. Peter tells him he could still be a star athlete and have lots of friends; being gay doesn't change that. Meanwhile, Danny sets up Leia and Derek up on a date after Derek begs, and Danny realizes he likes her. Derek says it's fine, and Danny and Leia get together.
11 154 "Causing a Commotion" Marni Banack Sarah Glinski 8 February 2009
The Shep has won principle of the year award. Clare gets mad after the Shep continually mistreats Connor. After she and their friends stick up for him, they all get detention. Alli gets annoyed with Connor for tapping his pencil, and Connor pushes Alli to the floor, causing expulsion. When Clare finds out Connor has Asperger syndrome, she realizes that Shep still wont treat him any differently. She confronts him, saying he only likes jocks, and Shep calls Connor a freak, and Clare a bitch. When the award ceremony comes on, they show the video of Clare and Shep's argument, and the school goes against him. Shep is sent to sensitivity training. Sav and Anya start hanging out, but he thinks she wants to get back together. Anya explains that she does love him, but he wont balance out their relationship with family. To prove things are different this time, Sav invites Anya to dinner at his house to meet his parents. His parents understand he wants to date, but he has to marry a Muslim Indian no matter what. Anya leaves, but the next day, Sav tells her that he would still see her, and that he doesn't care what his family says.
12 155 "Heat of the Moment" Marni Banack Julia Cohen
Lara Azzopardi
15 February 2009
Pushed to the edge by Holly J, Alli creates an "I hate Holly J" group and begins posting nasty things about her on her "Facerange". When nasty turns to hateful and then to threatening, Alli is suspended from school and questioned by the police. Holly J refuses to go back to Degrassi, and Alli is forced to apologize. Mr. Stone, always "Daddy of the Year", pressures Peter into helping out with his half-sister and Peter reluctantly agrees. When Angel starts to interfere with Peter's fun, Peter decides responsibility for someone else's child shouldn't fall on him (an opinion that hits his girlfriend, Mia, hard). After remembering how neglected he was as a kid, he tells his dad he's a terrible father.
13 156 "Jane Says" Part One[2] Thom Best Brendon Yorke 1 March 2009
The Shep has returned after his sensitivity training and it's Spirit Week at Degrassi! However spirits are anything but high at home for Jane as she struggles to get her dropout brother Lucas off the couch. Despite Jane's efforts, Jane's mom believes Lucas could benefit from some father/son time. Jane doesn't want her father in her life, but her friends and family don't understand why she hates him. What is Jane's big secret? Danny's new girlfriend Leia has a problem - she doesn't fit in with Danny's friends and lies compulsively to avoid them. Her chance to impress Danny's posse arises at a co-ed sleepover at Peter's pad. Truth or dare, anyone?
14 157 "Jane Says" Part Two Thom Best Duana Taha 8 March 2009
Jane's father returns.
15 158 "Touch of Grey" Phil Earnshaw Mat Heuther 15 March 2009
Emma starts smoking weed.
16 159 "Heart of Glass" Phil Earnshaw Sarah Glinksi 22 March 2009
17 160 "Up Where We Belong" TBA Michael Grassi 5 April 2009
18 161 "Danger Zone" Pat Williams TBA 12 April 2009
19 162 "Paradise City" Part One TBA TBA TBA
20 163 "Paradise City" Part Two TBA TBA TBA
21 164 "Paradise City" Part Three TBA TBA TBA
22 165 "Paradise City" Part Four TBA TBA TBA