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Shropshire born and Shropshire bred, Matticus78 is a computer technician and network admin with an interest in the histories of animation and video games.

My biggest contribution to Wikipedia to date, has been the substantial rewrite of the article on Sullivan Bluth Studios, which had previously been documented in two fairly patchy, inaccurate and unreferenced articles - surprising considering the importance of the studio and the amount of excellent source material out there to refer to. The article received an A-class rating from the filmmaking WikiProject on 27/1/2007, and underwent a peer review (nominated by another editor). I've also tweaked some of the related articles (such as The Secret of NIMH and other films produced by the studio) using the materials gathered in the research for the studio article.

My most recent pet project has been to rewrite the article on phantograms, a curious optical illusion that uses a combination of distorted perspective and stereoscopy to produce startlingly solid-looking illusions from flat images. I had never heard of them before (though I had seen similar effects in those "3D" chalk pavement drawings that have been featured in various newspapers), but a little research (necessary because the article lacked proper sources) turned up a lot of useful information, enough for me to draw a diagram illustrating how phantograms are made better than text alone. I plan to make a real phantogram image to further illustrate the article.


Articles I've Created

Ali Baba Bunny
Bye-Bye Liberty Crisis
John Pomeroy
La Sept
Minus (comic)
The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb
Politics in Futurama

Articles I've Performed Major Work On

Bone collected volumes: (expanded from stubs)

Computer fan (merge and major rewrite)
Phantogram (major rewrite)
Religion in Futurama (major rewrite and restructure)
Sullivan Bluth Studios (complete rewrite)

Articles I've Contributed Significantly To

All Dogs Go to Heaven
Broom-Stick Bunny
Long-Haired Hare
Robin Hood Daffy
Space Ace
The Plot of the Fuma Clan
The Twelve Tasks of Asterix
The Secret of NIMH

(* edited while not logged in)

Image contributions[edit]

Along with many non-free images in fair use for various articles, I have contributed the following free images to the Wikipedia project:

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