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About me
Flag of Canada.svg This user is originally from Canada but lives in the U.S. Flag of the United States.svg
Beer mug icon.jpg Warning: This user is a homebrewer, and is probably editing while druck.
In this user's opinion, RICE should NOT be the principal constituent of a Beer (or even be included) and still be called Beer!!!!
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I've been active in Wikipedia for a few years now and figured it was time to offer a little more information on where I'm coming from. My interest vary, but I tend to focus on my particular hobbies which, if a recipe, would look something like this:

  • A cup of politics tempered with
  • A dash of fairness
  • Two cups of technology and media innovation
  • A heaping teaspoon of governance
Keep stirring while picking out the bits of chaff that seem to get into the mix, keep baking until the heat is off.

I've become less patient with narrow minded agenda pushing, but have adapted by working within the system to help stop bad behavior while occasionally adding to some articles.