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Hello, I am Matty.007, a user who does new page patrol; reverts obvious vandalism, reports users to UAA, etc.. If you have any questions about my edits, please put it on my talk page. I am currently adopter to Fort_esc and Schoolskater. I use Stiki, and my 1000th classification was on Haplogroup U (mtDNA) on 09.06.2013. One of my overall ambitions on Wikipedia is to help overhaul the present Requested Articles system, which is a mess and leaves a lot to be desired. If you're also interested in this, there is a great new proposal which should be implemented in around six months, but the entire project needs cleaning. Jayde Taylor


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"I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party"-Ron White

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1578 in Scotland-16.06.2013

1579 in Scotland-14.06.2013

1580 in Scotland-13.06.2013

1582 in Scotland-11.06.2013

1583 in Scotland-11.06.2013

1584 in Scotland-11.06.2013

1585 in Scotland-11.06.2013

1586 in Scotland-10.06.2013

1587 in Scotland-10.06.2013

1588 in Scotland-10.06.2013

1589 in Scotland-09.06.2013

1590 in Scotland-09.06.2013

1591 in Scotland-09.06.2013

1592 in Scotland-08.06.2013

Battle of Dryfe Sands-08.06.2013

1593 in Scotland-08.06.2013

1594 in Scotland-08.06.2013

1595 in Scotland-08.06.2013

1596 in Scotland-08.06.2013

List of winners of the Dundee International Book Prize-07.06.2013

1597 in Scotland-07.06.2013

1600 in Scotland- 06.06.2013

1598 in Scotland- 06.06.2013

1550 in Scotland- 05.06.2013

1599 in Scotland- 04.06.2013

1880 in Scotland- 03.06.2013

1503 in Scotland- 02.06.2013

1500 in Scotland- 02.06.2013

1803 in Scotland- 02.06.2013

1885 in Scotland- 01.06.2013