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Janab Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Saheb
Shia Mosque in Trollhattan, Sweden

'Al-Haaj Moulana Maqbool Ahmed Nowganwi'[edit]

The personality who raised the flag of Truth in the west was no more than most respected of all propagators Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Saheb Qibla. His area of propagation reached out to countries like England , France , Belgium , Germany, Sweden , Denmark ,Norway , Canada and more . He came to this side of the world where many people were unaware and not even interested of the teachings of Islam. It was he who took the step to a far away country like Sweden to come here and spread the learnings of Islam. This resulted in that now there are more than 8 scholars settled in countries of Scandinavia like Sweden , Norway ,Denmark to serve the religion of the Truth. In several cities the momeneen have joined groups of different anjumans and together they make every effort in spreading the teachings of Islam , leading prayers and religious sermons like majalis and mahafil are also held in every city. The background of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Saheb is connected to his place of birth in Uttar Pradesh a town called Nowgawan Sadat.

He was born in 1361a.h that is the 15th of January 1942. His devoted father’s name was Ghafoor Ahmed. The early studies of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Saheb began in Madarresahe Baab-ul-Ilm in Nowgawan Sadat. The prominent mentors were Maulana Jawad Asghar Saheb Natiq ,Maulana Raza Husain Saheb , and Sayyed-ul-Fuquha Maulana Aqa Haider Saheb. In 1957 he passed the degree of Aalim and then went to Lucknow for further studies . The studies in Jamia Nazmia resulted in that he was given the final top degree of “Mumtaz-ul-Afazil”. Beside that he also passed the exams of “Emad-ut-Tafseer” in the Shia Arabic College and completed “Fazil-e-Tafseer” in the University of Lucknow. The exalted teachers in Lucknow were , Sayyed-ul-Uluma Maulana Syed Ali Naqi (Naqqan Saheb), Sarkar Mufti Azam Ahmed Ali Saheb, Maulana Hakeem Muhammad Ather Saheb, Ayatullah Mohsinul-Millat Maulana Syed Mohsin Nawab Rizvi Saheb, Maulana Rasool Ahmed Saheb,Maulana Ayyoub Husain Saheb,Maulana Sa’adat Husain Khan Saheb.

After his complete studies were concluded he went to the town of Kutch in Kera to work with his services as an Imam-e-Juma and Jamaat . He stayed in Kera from 1962-1965 . During this period 4-5 Agha-Khwani families converted and became Shia. After 3 years in Kera he travelled to East Africa in 1965 and from there in 1970 he was granted the opportunity to go for Hajj-e-Baytullah. His duties as an aalim were executed in many different Khoja- Jamaats in Africa.In 1967 in Saroti (Uganda) he managed to convert 2 agha-khawani .

His services continued in Tanga(Tanzania) in 1969. But later in 1971 he left Africa and returned to India but now in the Maqbarah-e-Aliyah in Rampur where he was offered to perform his duties by the state of Rampur. Later in Dec.1975 he moved from India to Trollhattan in Sweden and since then is still settled here occupied with his duties of serving Islam. On this foreign soil not only did he continue with his propagation but had further plans like a mosque to be built in this city. By the grace of Allah his dream came true when in 1985 a beautiful mosque and Imam Bara was constructed. In this Islamic Center many religious programs were held in which many scholars from India , Iraq, Iran ,Pakistan participated. Living in Europe Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Saheb kept on with his services and side by side continued with his writing skills. But to compile a book living in a country where no Islamic religious literature or such libraries were available would be impossible for many but not for him. Many religious books written on several interesting topics were done by his knowledge and research. Here I would like to quote Late Allama Jawadi:

“Respected Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Saheb in this era is really indeed a most exalted personage and his most distinguishing quality is that he made his pen to be the power of propagation of his hand and not a toy of greed to fill his pocket. “

Despite the shortage of Islamic literature he never gave up his literary works and his pen continued to flow and he chose unique topics to write on and these books were most valued and appreciated by the readers. The books in urdu written by him are:

1. Fakhre-Maryam -The life-history of Janabe Fatema binte Asad (written in 1973 Lucknow)

2. Salmane-Muhammadi-The story of the life of Janabe Salmane Farsi(in 1974-Lucknow)

3. Mata-e-Rabab- The personality of Janabe Ali Asghar(in 1974-Rampur)

4. Hazrat Umme Salma-The life of Umm-ul-Momeneen(in 1974-Lucknow)

5. Hazrat Maryah-e-Qibteyah-The life of Umm-ul-Momeneen(in 1974-Lucknow)

6. Janabe Fizza-Her Life history( in1974-Lucknow)

7. Sweden se Tehran tak- The journey to Iran(in 1984)

8. Islam ki Ghulam Nawazi-(in 1998)The content of this book explain to us how the slavery was handled in various religions and countries of the world and then the comparison is presented how the slaves were treated in Islam and how they were taken care of by the Holy Prophet s.a.w and His Ahlul-Bayt a.s.The book became very popular among the readers.

Besides these valuable books countless articles have been published in different magazines in India and Pakistan and more are to come. The way of his writing is quite clear and understandable and he has a kind treatment towards all and communicates in a soft voice. Both his writing and his delivery of a lecture , speech or a sermon is simple and understanding for everyone. He is very humble, generous and charitable. May Allah keep him in our midst for many many years ahead. Ameen

Written by : Dr. Maulana Shehwaar Husain Naqvi

Translated by : Sughra Khatoon