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Coordinates: 36°55′47.9964″N 14°42′35.9352″E / 36.929999000°N 14.709982000°E / 36.929999000; 14.709982000

“There are three classes of people:

  1. Those who see.
  2. Those who see when they are shown.
  3. Those who do not see.”
    — Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), on Mankind

“There are two kinds of people in the world:

• “Suppose you walk past a barber's shop one day, and see a sign that says:

So the question is:
« Who shaves the barber?»”

Hello, World!

my name is Maurice Carbonaro[who?], and right now I'm employed[by whom?] as an I.T. assistant on tenure (so I am NOT a professor)[1] at the Scientific State High School "Enrico Fermi"[pronunciation?] of Ragusa.[citation needed]

I've been an English language registered wikipedian since the 11th January 2003 using the anonymous nick "little_guru"[verification needed] and even earlier as an IP.[citation needed]
Starting from september 2006 I've decided to use also my real name and surname subscribing also to some other wikis in other languages.[citation needed]
In my humble opinion every good wikipedian should make the majority of their editing using their real name and surname in order to encourage free speech and dialogue amongst all the people of the world.[neutrality is disputed]
Adopting socks should be considered when really necessary.[original research?]
I don't consider myself a Don Quixote; sometimes there are very good reasons to remain anonymous or pseudonymous and I will protect everyone's right to do so.[dubious ]
My P.O.V.s are relative to myself as long as they don't harm people or groups of people with a clear malignant purpose.[clarification needed]
I'm also fond of photography and my Erdős number is private°.[citation needed]


  M aurice   Carbonaro  10:37, 27 October 2006 (UTC)

List of some mails received from Wikimedia foundation
My latest 500 contributions to the english wikipedia


  1. ^ Youtube: "Professor Wikipedia"

Please enjoy reading the "Wikipedia Signpost" with me!

Please check if the
Crookes radiometer is in action.
If it's not maybe the
the {{lightbulb is out}}

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