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Eda Čufer is a dramaturge, curator and writer. In 1984 she co-founded an art collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has collaborated with many contemporary theater, dance and visual art groups including the Sisters Scipion Nasice Theater, the dance company En-Knap, IRWIN, and Marko Peljhan’s Project Atol. Čufer's recent writings interrogate the ideological dimensions of contemporary art and the relationship of political systems to art systems; these have appeared in magazines like Art Forum and Maska, and in books published by MOMA, MIT Press, Revolver, Afterall Books, Sternberg Press, Whitechapel Gallery, and the catalog of the 2009 Istanbul Biennial. She has curated exhibitions in Germany, Austria, and Italy, including In Search of Balkania, Balkan Visions, and Call Me Istanbul. She recently published a history of dance notation systems, and is now working on a new book project, Art as Mousetrap, with the support of a fellowship from the Arts Writers Grant Program of the Andy Warhol Foundation. Now living in the United States, she remains active with many art projects and groups in Europe.

Eda Čufer is a dramaturg, curator and writer. Her texts on theatre, dance, visual arts, culture and politics have been published in numerous publications at home and abroad. In the 80's, she collaborated as dramaturg with the director Dragan Živadinov. In 1983, she was co-founder of the Theatre of Sisters of Scipion Nasica. In the 90's, she collaborated as dramaturg with choreographer Iztok Kovač and his dance company En-Knap as well as with director Marko Peljhan in the frame of Project Atol. Between 1991 and 1999, she collaborated as dramaturg with the group Irwin on projects that dealt with a new perception and understanding of relations between the West and the East in the period of post-Socialism. In the frame of these projects, she was editor of numerous books and catalogues: NSK Moscow Embassy: How the East Sees the East, 1992; Transnacionala: Highway Collisions Between East and West at the Crossroads of Art, 2000; Interpol: The Art Exhibition Which Divided East and West, 2001. She co-curated the exhibitions: In Search of Balkania, Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria 2002 and Call me Istanbul, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany 2004 (both together with Roger Conover and Peter Weibl). She currently lives between Ljubljana and Boston and has focused on writing a book Art as a Mousetrap.


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