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What can I say that's not already expressed in a userbox? My name is Matthew Walton. I'm a PhD student at the University of Nottingham, although I was born and raised in Cambridge. I am twenty-three years old.

Most of the entries I could write well have already been written by other people, who did a better job apart from the odd typo, which I try to fix without rewriting the entry in British English in the process. The majority of my contributions so far have been anonymous, but the time came to create an account so that I could keep track of things.

Primary Interests[edit]

The Police 
Not the band, the people who have a reputation for breaking up parties. What they do, how they do it, why they do it and when can I join? Also the relationship between the police and society, and whether the United Kingdom can retain a largely unarmed police service during my lifetime. Unfortunately that sort of material does not really have a place here on Wikipedia.
Martial Arts 
I train in Tai Chi, but am interested in all martial arts to some extent. I am also a former karate student.
Computer Programming 
Programming language design from the theoretical underpinnings upwards. I have been following the progress of Perl 6 with interest, and am an enthusiastic Haskell programmer. My PhD concerns parts of the dependently-typed functional language Epigram.
Particularly Neopagan mythology and why there doesn't appear to be one single truth.

Other Activities[edit]

As the userboxes say, I play the recorder and like folk music. I also like early music, which is fortuitous as there is a lot of it which is eminently suitable for playing on the recorder. My level of accomplishment is currently low, but I am improving through practice and regular lessons.

I also write novels, usually as part of National Novel Writing Month. One of my current projects is a fantasy novel written entirely outside NaNoWriMo's hectic restrictions, and I've got some hope that it might be coerced into being readable one day.

Wikipedia Activities[edit]

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