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Chi Omega Psi
Founded January 24, 2007; 10 years ago (2007-01-24)
Concord University
Type Social
Scope Local
Colors      Rum Runner Red
     Bulldog Black
     Brilliant Blue
Symbol Battle Llama (Animal)
Flower Red Rose
Principles Trustworthiness, Reliability, Honesty, and Academic Achievement
Headquarters 1000 vermillion street
Athens, West Virginia

Chi Omega Psi (ΧΩΨ) Chi Omega Psi (also known as "COY") is a Fraternity located at Concord University in Athens, West Virginia. Chi Omega Psi is an all male organization that was created by men at Concord University who felt that none of the existing fraternities were right for them. The Fraternity was founded by twelve original founding fathers. In it's time at Concord University, Chi Omega Psi has become a large part of Concord and added to the college experience of it's members. Promoting not only having fun, but also academic success, competing in sporting events, and community service.

"The purpose of the organization is to give the members a sense of brotherhood and a social environment to interact and improve themselves in qualities of confidence, philanthropy, team work, and speaking abilities. We believe that people in social organizations will develop skills faster then people who are not members, and that bonds made in these organizations can last far longer then mere friendships." As stated in "the Fraternal Constitution" Article 1, Section 2.


The Founding[edit]

Chi Omega Psi was founded by twelve men who met at Concord University and became brothers. It started in late 2006 when two of the future founders were in a lecture. They both had been talking about starting their own fraternities with other friends at the university. On this fateful day, they decided to join their ideas together and create a new fraternity. They began having meetings with both groups to decide on a name and structure of the fraternity. After many weeks of fine tuning, the brothers had created "the Fraternal Constitution", the Crest, and decided on a name "Chi Omega Psi" by combining multiple names together to reach a compromise. Having the numbers needed to start the organization, they also needed an adviser to be accepted by Concord University. In early January 2007, the brothers found the adviser they needed. It was Dr. John David Smith (at the time, Dean of Student Affairs)who had agreed to aid the students in their desire to create a brotherhood.

On January 23, 2007 the founders met and signed the petition to concord university to become an organization. The twelve founders were: Johnny Bragg, Matthew Burdette, Darell Dameron, John Dengler, TJ. Dewitt, Bill Gravely, Josh Mcatee, David Paxton, Anthony Simms, Jacob Stephens, Caleb Stevens, and Jay White. On this night the founders also elected it's first officers

President: Josh Mcatee
Vice-President: David Paxton
Treasurer: Caleb Stevens
Membership Director: Anthony Simms
Student Government Representative: John Dengler

On January 24, 2007 the fraternity was accepted by concord university. Though accepted as an organization, Coy had along way to go before it would be considered a real fraternity. In the Spring of 2007, Coy took on its first two new members. The first was Ryan Boothe who is referred to as "the first pledge" and Will Muldoon who joined his final semester at concord making him "the first alumni".

Becoming Great[edit]

In the second semester of coy's existence, the fraternity took on what would be considered the first true pledge class. The alpha class consisted of four new brothers to the fraternity and also because of the new members it forced the founders to create the houses. The houses act as family trees grouping the members into houses based on similar qualities. The three houses that came from this were "The House of Bacchus", "The House of Hurcules", and "The House of Mercury". The fraternity continued to grow in the spring celebrating its one year anniversary and the passing of the presidency to its next president David Paxton. The Beta Class consisted of another 4 members, but the year passed without much change.

The largest part of getting Chi Omega Psi accepted by the other organizations at Concord was homecoming 2008. As Coy's first time participating in homecoming, the brothers were joined by the sisters of Delta Zeta. This was a big semester for Coy, the Gamma Class consisted of 11 new members. By joining together and working hard with the new brothers and the sisters of delta zeta. Chi Omega Psi and Delta Zeta became Homecoming Champions beating all expectations and gaining Coy the acceptance it deserved. In its time, Chi Omega Psi has grown to being one of the largest fraternities at Concord University.


Chi Omega Psi has always helped in the community. Its largest annual event that was conceived of by its members was the Nationals vs. Locals football game. The game puts Chi Omega Psi and Mu xi Phi (another local fraternity) against the national fraternities (Phi Sigma Phi, Pi Kappa phi, Sigma Tau Gamma, and Tau Kappa Epsilon). The Locals Vs. Nationals game charges admission and gives all proceeds to "Relay for Life"

Group Photo of Coy and the Mu xis.


"Eternus Veratio Per Frater-Eternal Honor Through Brothers"


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