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I use this identity only on wikipedia. If you see anyone using the ID "MaxBrowne" or similar on other sites, please note that it is not me.

To misquote Otto von Bismarck, wikipedia is like a sausage, the less you know about how it's made the better. I just want to create and improve content, and I despise drama. This is an encyclopedia, not a social networking site. Unless you are an admin whose job it is to deal with that crap, I highly recommend taking as little interest in ANI, Arbcom etc as possible.

Pointing people to WP:CIVILITY is uncivil.

Facts have a well-known liberal bias.

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mm/dd/yy This user hates the mm/dd/yy date format and finds it illogical.
This user does not agree that a high edit count is an excuse for bad behaviour.
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