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Why I started[edit]

I started this (my first and only) user account because one of my friends created an article about me on WP and purposely put misleading information in it I therefore started so that I could fix it and make it truthfull. article - Max Randor I have since moved the article to my user page - which is this page because even though I did not start it and it does not prortray me in the best light it is still not relevent for an encyclopedia. I have a blog at [1] and use Firefox. Just about everything else is in the article. I had been thinking of joining anyway but in the end was pushed into it :-) but hey I like it.

Articles by me[edit]

My first and so far only article is Describing speech- updated --Max Randor 19:44, 6 June 2006 (UTC)

I have been advised to move the article here so I have.

Max Randor[edit]

Max Randor, a Christian, climatologist and global warming scientist, is a strong advocate of green fuel. A proponent of solar and wind power and strong denier of nuclear power being a safe means of future energy. Recently he finalised his blog which aims at quelling global warming myths as well as supporting his opinions [2] . His critics see his work as too religious based and as evidence for their argument use the number of religious poems on his blog whilst supporters see him as fighter in the fight for change to counter global warming. He can frequently be seen to be expressing his opinions with websites such as that of the New Scientist[3] and The Guardian newspaper[4]. He is also interested in computer code and as a begginner as of Christmas 2005 currently uses Game Maker[5] and is making a 2D game currently called 'Space fighter' for which he has created some graphics [6] using Dogwaffel [7]. He is also interested in HTML - and likes open source. He is an avid reader and has written some poetry some of which is on his blog [8].Recently I started my own website was[9]
Note: Max Randor is a Pen Name - not a real name. Max says 'I chose Max Randor because some people said I looked like Max and Randor is the surname of a Hero from a Science Fiction book. I wanted a Pen Name because there is a danger of identity theft in producing online data, because Max Randor is as far as I know a unique name and for all the other reasons people have ever had Pen names'[10].

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