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About Me[edit]

My name is Max Schwarz. I hail from Portland, OR and I am currently a first year student at Hampshire College. Prior to this, I attended Catlin Gabel School.

Interests on Wikipedia[edit]

  • Learning how to use the software so I can someday become an admin. That would be awesome.
  • Editing pages related to Degrassi.
  • Finding software applications I like, uploading screenshots to the site, and adding Software Infoboxes to the page.




Image:Firefox Label.pngImage:Luxor Hotel.jpgImage:Catlin Gabel Commons during Snow.jpgImage:PDX From the air.jpgImage:Smith Rock and the Crooked River.jpg
Screenshots: Image:Geometer's Sketchpad circumcircle.pngImage:Classic OS X Screenshot.pngImage:Grapher Screenshot.png


  • {{degrassi}}--A navigational template for the Degrassi universe.
  • {{Infobox Computer}}--An Wikipedia:Infobox for computers.
  • {{Apple software}}--I didn't technically created this page, but I completely redid it beyond recognition, before any pages linked to it.
  • I am proud to say that I was the creator of the {{RD}} series of templates, although they have been since modified beyound all recognition.

Route diagrams[edit]

Max Schwarz
Hike Cropped.jpg
Photo taken on a hike in Mt. Hood National Forest

Current projects:[edit]

Misc stuff:[edit]