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Welcome to the userpage of Maximiliano Herrera. I am a professional climatologist and I contributed to add and correct data in related Wikipedia documents. In this userpage you will find some of my current works and projects.


Here there is a collection of world extreme temperatures, after extensive quality checks on daily and hourly basis of all weather stations in the world, which has been integrated by data and observations of the old mechanic stations since 1654.

Current projects at work:




NOTE: Information displayed here is still being researched. This is a User Page, your contribution will be appreciated,if you wish to contribute to it, contact me through Talk.


Down here you will find the extreme temperatures recorded in some countries with dates attached (when available). Data has been checked and all faulty and unreliable records have been removed. See the footnotes for important explanations regarding those records. When the precision of a temperature was taken or is available only to the nearest degree, the data is reported in these tables as such, for example a of 20°C is reported as "20°C" without decimals.

Continent Lowest Temperature Highest Temperature
T°C Place Date T°C Place Date
World -89.2 Vostok Antarctica 21 July 1983 54.0 Death Valley  United States 30 June 2013
Mitribah  Kuwait 21 July 2016
Africa -24.1 Oussikis  Morocco 11 February 1935 51.3 Ouargla  Algeria 5 July 2018
Asia -67.7 Oymyakon  Russia 6 February 1933 54.0 Mitribah  Kuwait 21 July 2016
Europe -58.1 Ust-Shchuger  Russia 31 December 1978 48.5 Catenanuova [1] Italy 10 August 1999
North America -69.6 Klinck  Greenland 22 December 1991 54.0 Death Valley[2]  United States 30 June 2013
South America -37.0 Coyhaique Alto  Chile[3] 21 June 2002 47.3 Campo Gallo  Argentina 16 October 1936
Oceania -25.6 Eweburn  New Zealand 17 July 1903 50.7 Oodnadatta  Australia 2 January 1960
Antarctica -89.2 Vostok [4] 21 July 1983 19.8 Signy Island South Orkney Islands [5] 30 January 1982


  1. ^ [1] Official Italian record validated by UCEA and Protezione Civile of italian government.
  2. ^ This record was set at the station of Furnace Creek. A photograph shown how the temperature reached 129.2F= 54.0C, but as usual in the USA, the value was rounded to 129F=53.9C. There are no such evidences for the previous cases when the Death Valley also reached 129F: on 18 July 1960 at Greenland Ranch and on 17 July 1998,19 July 2005 and 6 July 2007 at Furnace Creek.
  3. ^ There are unofficial lowest temperatures as low as the -44C recorded at Veladero, Argentina, in July 2004 at high elevation.
  4. ^ Temperatures as low as -93C have been extrapolated in the western area of Vostok between 20 and 21 July 1983.Claims of a temperature of -91C in 1997 at the same location are not confirmed.
  5. ^ Important notes:Signy Island is located just below the 60 degree of latitude, which includes it under the Antarctic Treaty,so this can be considered the POLITICAL record. If we consider the GEOLOGICAL case,Amsterdam Island,which belongs to the French dependence of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands and associated with Africa,lies in the Antarctic plate and has a highest temperature of 26.4C on 30 January 2005. In the other hand, the highest temperature recorded in MAINLAND Antarctica (Continent+Peninsula) is 17.5C at Base Esperanza on 24 March 2015, if we include ITS ADJOINING ISLANDS the correct record (unlike what the WMO wrongly states) is 17.8C (lowered to 17.0C after a correction) in the James Ross Island the previous day, 23 March 2015,while the highest temperature recorded in CONTINENTAL Antarctica (outside the Peninsula) is 15.0C at Vanda Station on 5 January 1974. For the ASTRONOMICAL case, highest temperature ever recorded in the Antarctic Polar Circle would be 16.1C at the Larsen Ice Shelf on 6 November 1989,but the reading looks suspicious and was discounted by the University of Wisconsin.That would leave the Vanda Station as the holder of this record as well.