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The following table lists records of extreme temperature in territories of Asia.

Country Lowest Temperature Highest Temperature
T°C Place Date T°C Place Date
Asia -67.7 Oymyakon  Russia 6 February 1933 54.0 Mitribah  Kuwait 21 July 2016
 Afghanistan -52.2 Shahrak Ghowr province [1] 1 January 1969 49.8 Farah [2] 30 July 1983
 Armenia -46.3 Paghakn (Shurabad) Shirak province [3] January 2007 43.7 Meghri Syunik province [4] 31 July 2011
 Azerbaijan -33 Culfa (Julfa) and Ordubad [5][6] 47.4 Göytäpä [7] 30 July 2000
 Bahrain 2.8 Bahrain International Airport (Al-Muharraq) [8] 20 January 1964 47.5 Bahrain International Airport (Al-Muharraq)[9] 15 July 2000
 Bangladesh 1.1 Dinajpur [10] 3 February 1905 45.1 Rajshahi Rajshahi division 18 May 1972
 Bhutan -14.5 Chamkhar [11] 40.0 Phuentsholing [12] 27 August 1997
 British Indian Ocean Territory (UK) 18.3 Diego Garcia 22 December 1974 37.2 Diego Garcia [13] 9 February 1998
 Brunei 18.4 Bandar Seri Begawan [14] January 1985 38.3 Bandar Seri Begawan [14] March 1983 and April 1998
 Cambodia 8.0 Val d’Emeraude, Bok Kou (Bokor) [15] January 1929 42.6 Preah Vihea [16] 15 April 2016
 China -52.3 Mohe Heilongjiang province [17] 13 February 1962 50.7 Aydingkol Mirabilite (Glauber’s Salt)) Xinjiang (Sinkiang) Autonomous Region [18] 23 July 1986
 Christmas Island (Aus.) 16.2 Christmas Island Aero [19] 11 July 1978 33.2 Rocky Point [20] 19 November 1969 and 23 February 1970
 Cocos Islands (Aus.) 18.3 Cocos Island Airport [21] 15 August 1955 and 6 August 1979 32.9 Cocos Island Airport [22] 23 February 2017
 Cyprus -10.7 Prodromos [23] 9 January 2015 46.6 Lefkoniko [24] 1 August 2010
 Georgia -42.0 Mount Kazbegi Nival Station [25] 14 January 1950 43.1 Kutaisi [26] 30 July 2000
Australia Heard and McDonald Islands (Aus.) -11.5 Split Bay, Heard Island [27] 23 August 2014 26.1 Spit Bay, Heard Island [28] 1 March 2013
 Hong Kong (China) -6.0 Tai Mo Shan [29] 24 January 2016 37.9 Happy Valley [30] 8 August 2015 and 9 July 2016
 India -32.8 Kargil Jammu and Kashmir state [31][32] January 1919 51.0 Phalodi Rajasthan state [33] 19 May 2016
 Indonesia -5.6 Kertasarie Estate Java [34] 29 July 1915 and 1922 39.5 Jatiwangi Java [35] 19 November 2006
Semarang Airport 28 October 2015
 Iran -36.4 Kheyrabad Zanjan province [36] 29 January 1997 53.0 Dehloran Ilam province [37][38] 28 July 2011 and 22 July 2016
Gotvand 17 July 2014
 Iraq -17.6 Al-Mawşil (Mosul) Ninawa province [39][40] 24 January 1911 53.9 Basra Airport 22 July 2016
 Israel -14.2 Merom Golan Golan Heights [41] 10 January 2015 51.2 Qalya [42] 22 June 1942
 Japan -41.0 Asahikawa Hokkaidō prefecture [43] 25 January 1902 41.0 Shimanto [44] 12 August 2013
 Jordan -14.0 Ash-Shawbak [45] 7 January 1992 51.1 Deir Alla [46] 20 August 2010
 Kazakhstan -51.6 Astana [47] 5 January 1893 49.1 Turkestan [47] 30 July 1983
 North Korea -45.1 Sinmusong [48] 2 January 1977 40.5 Hoeryong [49][50] 30 July 1977
 South Korea -32.6 Yangpyong [51] 5 January 1981 40.0 Daegu (Taegu) [49] 1 August 1942
 Kuwait -6.1 Al Omariya (Kuwait City Zoo) [52][53] 20 January 1964 54.0 Mitribah [54] 21 July 2016
 Kyrgyzstan -53.6 Ak-Say [55] 20 January 1954 44.0 Chuy [56] 30 July 1983
 Laos -3.3 Plain of Jars Xiangkhoang_Plateau [57] 25 December 1999 42.3 Seno [58] 12 April 2016
 Lebanon -22.7 Al-Yammūnah [59] 20 January 1964 45 Hermel [60] August 1987
 Macau (China) -1.8 Fortaleza do Monte [61] 26 January 1948 39.0 Macao Weather Station [62] 19 July 2005
 Maldives 18.2 Hanimaadhoo [63][64] 23 December 2002 35.0 Hanimaadhoo [63][65] 30 April 2016
 Malaysia 2.2 Tanah Rata Pahang state [66] 6 January 1937 40.1 Chuping Perlis state [67] 9 April 1998
 Mongolia -56 Uvs Lake [68] 31 December 1972 44.0 Hongor[69] 24 July 1999
 Myanmar -6.0 Hakha Chin state [70] 30 December 1990 and 3 February 2008 47.2 Myinmu Sagaing division [70] 14 May 2010
   Nepal -23.2 Tsho Rolpa Lake [71] 16 February 1995 46.4 Dhangadi [72] 16 June 1995
 Oman -3.6 Sayq (Saiq) [73] 26 January 1983 50.8 Qurayyat 30 May 2017
Joba 31 May 2017
Sohar Majis 31 May 2009
Buraimi 16 July 1990
 Pakistan -26.0 Astore Kashmir region [74] 25 and 26 December 1910 53.5 Mohenjo-daro Sindh province [75] 26 May 2010
Turbat [76] 28 May 2017
 Palestine -8.6 Al-Ḫalīl (Hebron) February 1898 50.5 Jerico [77] 22 June 1942
 Philippines 3.0 Baguio [43] [78] 8 January 1907 42.2 Tuguegarao [79] 29 April 1912 and 11 May 1969
 Qatar 1.5 Abu Samra [80] 5 February 2017 50.4 Ad-Dawah (Doha) International Airport [81] 14 July 2010
 Russia (Asia) -67.7 Oymyakon Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya) [82] 6 February 1933 42.7 Ust Kara (Sretensk District) Zabaykalsky_Krai [83] 27 June 2010
 Saudi Arabia -12.2 Turayf [84] February 1950 52.0 Jeddah Airport [85] 22 June 2010
 Singapore 18.9 Singapore Downtown 10 February 1895 and 28 February 1902 37.0 Tengah [86] 17 April 1983
Tengah [87] 19 January 1965
 Sri Lanka -2.7 Nuwara-Eliya [88] 8 February 1914 40.1 Vavuniya [89] 10 April 1983
 Syria -23 Idlib [90] 16 January 1950 49.4 Al-Hasakah [91] 30 July 2000
 Taiwan -18.4 Yushan North Peak [92] 31 January 1970 40.2 Taitung [92] [93] 9 May 2004
 Tajikistan -51.6 Shaymak [94] 3 January 1986 47 Aivadj Shartuz District [95] July 1944 and July 1983
 Thailand -1.5 Dan Sai [96] 5 January 1974 44.6 Mae Hong Son [43] 28 April 2016
 Timor-Leste 1 Hatubuiliku (Hato Builico) [97] 38.0 Viqueque [98] 31 December 1931
 Turkey -45.6 Ağrı Ağrı province [99] 20 January 1972 48.6 Cizre Sirnak province [100] 30 July 2000
 Turkmenistan -35.0 Cheshme [101] January 1969 50.1 Repetek Reserve [102] 28 July 1983
 United Arab Emirates -1.0 Raknah [103][104] January 2008 51.5 Mezaira [105] 16 June 2017
 Uzbekistan -39.8 Karakalpakiya [106] February 1969 49.7 Mashikuduk [107] 29 July 1983
 Vietnam -6.1 Sa Pa Lào Cai province [108] 4 January 1974 42.7 Tuong Duong [109] 12 May 1966
Con Cuong 30 May 2015
 Yemen -9 Kitab [110] 46.3 Say'ūn [111] 27 August 1987


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  104. ^ This is the lowest temperature recorded in an inhabited area. -5.4C was recorded in the Jabal Jais mountain station on 3 February 2017.
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  110. ^ Temperatures are believed to have fallen as low as -12C in the Dhamar governorate in early January 1986.
  111. ^ This reading is possibly suspicious. Several readings of 45C have been recorded at the highest station of Seyoun.