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Current Involvement[edit]

Wikipedian In Residence[edit]

I am the Wikipedian in Residence for OCLC, under User:Maximiliankleinoclc

Past Involvement[edit]

Politics of Piracy[edit]

Co-facilitator of the University of California, Berkeley Decal course "Politics of Piracy".

Environmental Policy[edit]

Slugs on as a Campus Ambassador for SFSU in Wikipedia:USPP/Courses. Want my begrudging assistance I might be in the IRC channel.


I am the Regional Ambassador to New England for the Global Education Program.

Leading a Tips and Tricks workshop for Wikipeida Loves Libraries at Wikimania 2012
Max Klein expounding some results

User:Maximilianklein/N.E.W.B.I.E. of course stands for New England Wikipedian Brains in Education User:Maximilianklein/N.E.W.B.I.E./



"Those who like sausage or the law should not investigate as to how either are made" -Anon

Giving a rousing inside look of Wikipedia at Presidio Graduate School


Wikipedia:Wikipedia Club at Berkeley


Wikipedia as Learning Management Software