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Max Klein
Max Klein at Regional Ambassadory training, 2011-07-07.jpg
Showing surprise after winning an award at the Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit.
Occupation Wikipedia Regional Ambassador
Known for The Wikipedia as a Learning Management System


Consumer Reports Wikipedian in Residence


University of California Berkeley (GPA 3.53)

Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics (2011)

  • Lead and facilitated student-run course Politics of Piracy with Wikipedia editing integration
  • Wikipedia Campus Ambassador (since program's inception)
  • Logic: Incompleteness and Undecidability
  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming

Awards and Publications[edit]

Max Klein expounding some results
  • Award - Wikipedia In Education "Innovator Award" (2011)
    • Recognition for the pioneering of "Wikipedia as Learning Management System" producing the highest content/student ratio, and most the lasting, informed new editors.
  • Paper - Editing Girl Talk" (2011)
    • Nurturing editorship among unlikely editors provides broader, more feminist perspectives on-wiki, and challenges possibly biased community policies.
  • Paper - Killer Features: The Vitality of Piracy Cultures awaiting publication in International Journal of Communications (2011)
    • Motivations in piracy gathered from interviews with prolific and respected media Pirates.


Wikimedia Experience[edit]

Giving a rousing inside view of Wikipedia at Presidio Graduate School
  • Wikipedia Regional Ambassador (2010-Present)
    • Lectured and interactively elucidated principles and details of Wikipedia to undergraduate and graduate courses at UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University and Presidio Graduate School.
    • Negotiated adoption of Wikipedia in Education methods with Professors from Harvard, Yale School of Medicine, and MIT, while recruiting and training in-person Campus Ambassadors representatives to support the and catalyze the wiki-fluency of students.
  • Wikipedia Ambassador Steering Committee Member (2011-Present)
    • Invited as consultant to join committee responsible for the strategy and spread of educating new and potential users. Advocated for expansion in ways to address the gender gap.
  • Wikipedia Education Software Beta Tester (2012)
    • Beta tested and aided design of new-editor-friendly user interfaces for the purposes of creating more welcoming, and less intimidating first-time Wikipedia experiences.


  • Content Manager - Global homehotel (2011-Present)
    • Envisioned and designed UX of [1] around considerations of modularity and scalability.
  • IT Intern - California Independent System Operator (2010)
    • Owned and hunted phantom bugs of executive management communication systems Exchange Server.

Additional Attributes[edit]

  • Conversational Hebrew
  • Board of Directors (2010-2011) - Berkeley Student Cooperative
  • Volunteer Radio DJ (KALX)
  • Proficiencies in *nix and LISP

Personal Information[edit]

Phone: 707.478.7023 Email: Address: 2227 Ward Street Berkeley, CA 94705