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My Contributions[edit]


Articles I've Created[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Big TV (album) (White Lies album)
  2. Start-Class article The Last Ship (album) (Sting album)
  3. Stub-Class article Best Days (Greatest & Live) (Carpark North compilation)
  4. Start-Class article There Goes Our Love Again (White Lies song)
  5. Start-Class article Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys song)
  6. Start-Class article What Now (band)
  7. C-Class article Move Like a Sinner (What Now album)
  8. C-Class article The 1975 (album)
  9. Stub-Class article Music for Cars (The 1975 EP)
  10. Stub-Class article IV (The 1975 EP)
  11. Facedown (EP) (The 1975 EP)
  12. Start-Class article Everest (band)
  13. Propellers (band)
  14. Stub-Class article Midnight Kiss (Propellers EP)
  15. Stub-Class article Black Mascara Eyes (Propellers EP)
  16. Start-Class article Marika (singer)
  17. Start-Class article Kim Nowak
  18. Start-Class article Pablopavo
  19. Into the Wild (Live at EastWest Studios) (LP EP)
  20. Start-Class article Into the Wild (song) (LP song)
  21. Start-Class article Muchy (band)
  22. Stub-Class article Natalie Cole en Español
  23. Start-Class article Łąki Łan
  24. Start-Class article Abradab
  25. Start-Class article Oedipus (band)
  26. Stub-Class article June (Polish band)
  27. C-Class article L.Stadt
  28. Start-Class article EL.P (L.Stadt album)
  29. Start-Class article Mika Urbaniak
  30. Start-Class article Kamil Bednarek
  31. Start-Class article Kari Amirian
  32. Start-Class article Őszibarack
  33. Stub-Class article The 20/20 Experience – The Complete Experience
  34. C-Class article Studio Zoo (Newton Faulkner album)
  35. Stub-Class article I Sat by the Ocean w(Queens of the Stone Age song)
  36. Start-Class article The Horrifying Truth (I Am Giant album)
  37. Start-Class article Chris Botti In Boston
  38. Start-Class article Sex (The 1975 song)
  39. Start-Class article Do or Die (Thirty Seconds to Mars song)
  40. List of songs recorded by Arctic Monkeys
  41. Start-Class article Fading West EP (Switchfoot EP)
  42. Fading West Tour (Switchfoot concert tour)
  43. Stub-Class article Bonafied (Richard Bona album)
  44. Stub-Class article Toto Bona Lokua (Toto/Bona/Lokua album)
  45. Stub-Class article Tiki (album) (Richard Bona album)
  46. C-Class article The Ten Shades of Blues (Richard Bona album)
  47. Start-Class article Formaldehyde (song) (Editors song)
  48. List of awards and nominations received by Switchfoot
  49. Start-Class article Reverence (Richard Bona album)
  50. Stub-Class article Munia (The Tale) (Richard Bona album)
  51. Stub-Class article Scenes from My Life (Richard Bona album)
  52. Start-Class article Bona Makes You Sweat (Richard Bona album)
  53. Start-Class article Traces of You (Anoushka Shankar album)
  54. Start-Class article Traveller (Anoushka Shankar album)
  55. Start-Class article Moving (Travis song)
  56. C-Class article Who We Are (Switchfoot song)
  57. Start-Class article Ketevan (album) (Katie Melua album)
  58. Stub-Class article Piotr Rogucki
  59. Start-Class article Don't Set Your Dogs on Me (Coma album)
  60. Untitled Coma album
  61. We Remain (Christina Aguilera song)
  62. Stub-Class article Life in Stereo (The Pinker Tones album)
  63. Start-Class article Of the Night (song) (Bastille song)
  64. Start-Class article All This Bad Blood (Bastille album)
  65. C-Class article Foreverly (Billie Joe Armstrong/Norah Jones album)
  66. Stub-Class article One for the Road (Arctic Monkeys song)
  67. Start-Class article Monika Borzym‎
  68. Start-Class article My Place (album) (Monika Borzym‎ album)
  69. Start-Class article Mind over Matter (Young the Giant album)
  70. Start-Class article Evil Eye (Franz Ferdinand song)
  71. Start-Class article Honesty (Editors song)
  72. Start-Class article Tomasz Makowiecki
  73. Start-Class article Natalia Przybysz
  74. Stub-Class article Comfort and Happiness
  75. Stub-Class article All Over the Place (Mike Stern album)
  76. Stub-Class article It's About Time (Young the Giant song)
  77. C-Class article Flawless (Beyoncé song)
  78. Stub-Class article Love Alone Is Worth the Fight (Switchfoot song)
  79. Start-Class article Partition (song) (Beyoncé song)
  80. Stub-Class article Phoenix (Carpark North album)
  81. Stub-Class article 95–2003 (Piotr Rogucki album)
  82. Start-Class article Loki – Wizja Dźwięku (Piotr Rogucki album)
  83. Stub-Class article Arabella (song) (Arctic Monkeys song)
  84. Stub-Class article Włodzimierz Pawlik
  85. C-Class article Night in Calisia
  86. Stub-Class article Crystallized (song) (Young the Giant song)
  87. C-Class article Invisible (U2 song)
  88. Stub-Class article Love Songs (Tina Turner album)
  89. Down (The Kooks song)
  90. Listen (The Kooks album)
  91. Start-Class article 48:13 (Kasabian album)
  92. Stub-Class article We Exist (Arcade Fire song)
  93. Start-Class article Eez-eh (Kasabian song)
  94. Start-Class article The Dumplings
  95. Start-Class article Pustki (band)
  96. Suzanne Vega discography
  97. Start-Class article Forever for Now (LP album)
  98. Start-Class article Maps (Maroon 5 song)
  99. Stub-Class article Fresh Strawberries (Franz Ferdinand song)
  100. Stub-Class article Pumpin Blood (EP) (NONONO EP)
  101. Start-Class article Pumpin Blood (NONONO song)
  102. Start-Class article PrimeTime (Janelle Monáe song)
  103. Stub-Class article Love Someone (Jason Mraz song)
  104. Stub-Class article Rough Water (Travie McCoy song)
  105. Stub-Class article We Are Only What We Feel (NONONO album)
  106. Start-Class article The Edge of the Earth (Switchfoot EP)
  107. Stub-Class article When We Come Alive (Switchfoot song)
  108. Jungle (Jungle album)
  109. Stub-Class article Letter to the Lord (Irma album)
  110. Stub-Class article Faces (Irma album)
  111. Start-Class article Funny Looking Angels (Smith & Burrows album)
  112. On Stage Together Tour (Sting/Paul Simon concert tour)
  113. Start-Class article Miracles (Coldplay song)
  114. When the Night (album) (St. Lucia album)
  115. Start-Class article What Kind of Man (Florence and the Machine song)
  116. Start-Class article Reapers (song) (Muse song)
  117. Stub-Class article The Best of 25 Years (Sting album)
  118. Stub-Class article Emil Landman
  119. Start-Class article Banners (musician)
  120. Start-Class article Banners (EP)
  121. Start-Class article Ash & Ice (The Kills album)
  122. Start-Class article Where the Light Shines Through (Switchfoot album)
  123. Start-Class article We Move (James Vincent McMorrow album)

Articles I've Contributed Heavily To[edit]

Other Articles I've Worked On[edit]


Articles I've Created[edit]

Other Articles I've Worked On[edit]

  1. Stub-Class article Filmweb
  2. Start-Class article Walesa. Man of Hope
  3. Stub-Class article David Wilson (director)
  4. Stub-Class article Kraków Arena

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