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How s it goin'? マイド!  Ça va?

I'm Matthew, from Bass River, Nova Scotia. I'm interested, at some level, in everything, so WP is a nice place to spend time.

I tend to focus on two things WP:Categorization, having grown up rurally (and being blood Type A) and therefore it would seem desirous unconsciously to 'size up' all and everything (I'm a judgemental bastard, but have toned down with age, thankfully), and WP tennis content, as I'm both a keen watcher and (once again) player. An ESL teacher by trade, I also spend a lot of time maintaining my Nihongo, including Kansai-ben, as I lived in both Kyoto (city) and Osaka (prefecture - Esaka and Yao) for a number of years and because my wife is from Osaka. My biggest joy in life though is hanging out (but also parenting!) our three kids. We've lived in Clayton Park, Halifax since 2009.

In the summer of 2013, I started work as a part-time worker at Subway fast-food restaurant.

Have a good one!

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