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'Magsi (Urdu: مگسی‎)

By Mazhar Abbas Magsi 03336726042

Magsi tribe came from Balochistan Province of Iran from a place named Magas in Lashar. They migrated to modern Balochistan Province of Pakistan with the Lashari tribe and that is the reason some historians call them a branch of Lashari tribe. In Balochistan, province of Pakistan, they are known as Magsi Baloch. In Sindh they are considered Sindhi Baloch. In northern Punjab they speak Punjabi while in southern Punjab they speak Seraiki. Most of the Magsi tribe is settled in the Jhal Magsi District. The clans of Magsi tribe include: Buhtani and Shambani. The Butani is the Nawab (royal) family.The clans of Shambani are: Vasdani, Salokhani, Muglani, Laskani, Bungulani, Sargani etc. The current Nawab of the Magsi tribe is Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Khan Magsi and he is serving as the Governor of Balochistan. His son Saifullah Magsi was recently appointed as senator.

Buhtani is the royal clan of the Magsi tribe. The Buhtanis are quite well educated.

A large number of Magsis are living in the Pakistani province of Punjab. Their communities can be found in the districts of, Muzzaffar Garh, Layyah, Khanewal,Jhang, Lodhran, Raheemyar khan,Bhakkar, Dera Ismail Khan and Multan.

Magsi Force: In 1988, President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq died in an air crash and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's daughter Benazir Bhutto was elected as Prime Minister. Benazir Bhutto's government decided to replace the Hur Force with a new force called Magsi Force, consisting of militants from the tribe of Mir Nadir Ali Magsi, a rival of Hurs. Benazir Bhutto encouraged and supported this clash between the forces and after bloody wars the Hur Force was weakened substantially.

The Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi is the current chief of Magsi tribe, and he is now the governor of Balochistan.

Family Tree-:

Nawab Sardar Mir Kaisar Khan Magsi (K.C.I.E) Nawab Sardar Mir Mehboob Ali Magsi 2 sons Nawab Mir Saifullah Khan Magsi Mir Yousuaf Ali Khan Magsi Seven sons Nawab Zulfiqar Mir Tariq Mir Akbar Mir Nadir Mir Amer Mir Khalid Mir Zafar and two daughters Farah Magsi (Married into the prominent Niazi family) Scherezade Magsi (Married into the prominent Marri family)

Present Nawab/Sardar the 23rd is Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi. Eighty percent of the land belongs to the Nawab and his brothers. The rest belongs to the tribe. The tribe migrated from Syria around 1400 years ago to Iraq. This was around 150 years after karbala incident. The tribe then migrated to Iran from Karbala to escape persecution. They were incharge of the Magas area of [[Sistan_and_Baluchestan_Province|Balochistan] Province of Iran in the Sistan, Balochistan area of Iran. Then at the time of Jalal khan the tribe migrated to Pakistani Balochistan around 1423. Among the many prominent acts of courage by the Magsi’s include giving refuge to Emperor Humayun with their tribe from where he went on to win the battle of Panipat. Dara shiku took refuge there too in the late 1700s at the time of Ahmed Shah Abdali. Amongst the many landmarks of Jhal, it is most famous for the Mula river.

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