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Matthew Burpee
A photo of two men wearing black shirts standing outside a concrete building
Photo of Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, and Matthew at Webcom 2010
OccupationWeb consultant

Hello! My name is Matthew Burpee of Toronto, Canada and this is my user page for others on Wikipedia.

I'm relatively new at contributing to Wikipedia yet have always been grateful for what it and other wiki communities have offered to the Internet. I have edited pages about institutions, people, places, and hope to edit more notable subjects in Canada in good faith. Please let me know if you have any questions on my talk page, by e-mail via or through the links in my personal home page. The best ideas are not obvious.

I've lived my adult life in Toronto. I grew up in Montreal, and have also lived by a farm in Chichester, England as a child, in Ottawa as a student, and worked at the Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta. I have a Bachelor, Political Science from the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor, Radio & Television Arts from Ryerson Polytechnic University. In 1995 I started a sole proprietorship, Maze Solutions, to work for my then recent alma mater Ryerson Polytechnic University on its first official website. I've since worked on projects for Concordia University, Apple Canada, The Canadian Association of Law Libraries, Kaboose, The YMCA of Greater Toronto, a number of small businesses and professionals, and co-founded a startup called Toonage, Inc. I like being involved with designing online media as it shapes the way we live, work, and play. I'm also an amateur photographer, videographer, and Laser sailor.

In addition to contributing to some of the articles about the organizations above I'm collaborating on the following articles in Wikipedia: