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Few of my pictures

Arothron hispidus is kissing my camera at Big Island of Hawaii.jpg|- -Iceberg with hole edit.jpg|- -Grand prismatic no noise reduction.jpg|- -Giant Marbles in Joshua Tree National Park.jpg|- -Glaciers and Icebergs at Cape York.jpg|- -Lava enters pacific.jpg|- -Göreme Valley in Cappadocia edit1.jpg|- -Great white shark at his back11.jpg|- -Surfacing great white shark.jpg|- -Upper Terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs.jpg|- -Bowling Balls Beach 2.jpg|- -Echinocereus engelmannii and Cylindropuntia bigelovii at Joshua Tree NP.jpg|- -Orange Spring Mound at Mammoth Hot Springs.jpg|- -Gold dust day gecko.JPG|- -360 degrees fogbow.jpg|- -Pāhoehoe and Aa flows at Hawaii.jpg|- -Golden Gate Bridge at sunset 1.jpg|- -Hawaii turtle 2.JPG|- -Green flash in santa cruz original.JPG|- -Big wave breaking in Santa Cruz.jpg|- -Red-eared sliders and Mallard in Golden Gate Park 1.jpg-Image-Lava channel with overflows edit 3.jpg-Ursus maritimus mother with cub.jpg-2012 Transit of Venus from SF.jpg