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Articles I've started[edit]

Canadian Naval History

Battle of Restigouche, Compagnies Franches de la Marine, Leonard W. Murray, Newfoundland Escort Force, Percy W. Nelles, Canadian Northwest Atlantic, Harry DeWolf, Rollo Mainguy, HMCS Raccoon, Kenneth J. Summers, List of naval battles of the War of 1812, James D. Prentice, Battle of Pierres Noires, Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service, Action of 17 July 1628, Action of 26 April 1944, HMCS Dawson (K104), Thomas G. Fuller, HMCS Swansea (K328), HMCS Crusader (R20), HMCS Reindeer (S08), HMCS Louisburg, Convoy QS-33, Convoy SQ-36, Convoys SG-6/LN-6, Convoy LN-7, Convoy QS-15

Canadian Military History

John K. Lawson, Battle of the Belly River, Bloody Falls Massacre, Battle of Grand Pre, Battle of La Prairie, Battle of Pelee Island, Template:Campaignbox War Of Austrian Succession: King George's War, First Battle of Bloody Creek, Second Battle of Bloody Creek, No. 10 Squadron RCAF, No.11 Squadron RCAF, No. 9 Squadron RCAF, No. 5 Squadron RCAF, No. 4 Squadron RCAF, No. 6 Squadron RCAF, No. 7 Squadron RCAF, No. 113 Squadron RCAF, RCAF Eastern Air Command, RCAF Western Air Command, No. 116 Squadron RCAF, No. 161 Squadron RCAF, No. 117 Squadron RCAF, No. 145 Squadron RCAF, No. 160 Squadron RCAF, Template:RCAF Squadrons


List of Naval Reserve divisions, Citadel Theatre, Stephen Massicotte, List of Canadian Coast Guard Bases and Stations, List of Canadian Coast Guard MCTS Centres

Categories I've contributed to or created[edit]

Category:G7 Welcoming Committee Records, Category:Irish Canadians, Category:Scottish Canadians, Category:American Canadians, Category:Canadian anarchists, Category:German Canadians, Category:Naval battles involving Canada, Category:Naval history of Canada, Category:Battles involving Canada, Category:English Canadians, Category:Welsh Canadians, Category:War of 1812 ships of Canada, Category:Naval battles of the Korean War involving Canada, Category:North American Coastal convoys of World War II

Articles I'm looking to start[edit]

/Duncan E. Miller
/Naval engagements of the War of 1812
/List of wars involving Canada
/Campaignbox:Great Lakes Naval Campaign
/List of ship to shore engagements
/Campaignbox: Anglo-French War of 1940-42
/Campaignbox: Canada in the Pacific War
/Action of 29 April 1944
/Action of 6 August 1944
/Action of 13 May 2011
/List of privateering actions
/Action of 12-13 November 1944
/List of conflicts in British Columbia
/List of conflicts involving the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast
/List of Canadian superheroes
/Battle of Chail-li
/List of Canadian Academy Award winners and nominees
/Operation Hostile
/Operation Tunnel
/List of academic libraries in Canada
/List of college libraries in Canada
/List of Royal Canadian Naval Air Service squadrons
/Campaignbox:Conflicts in the Maritime Fur Trade
/Convoy QS-19

Other Stuff[edit]

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
For your many military history contributions - both individual edits, and entirely new articles - I award you this barnstar. Keep doing the work you do :) Ironholds (talk) 05:31, 19 September 2013 (UTC)