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I am a former US Army Special Operator; currently working for a Canadian company. I graduated in Police Sciences and have multiple certifications in the Law Enforcement field. I am old enough to know better and young enough to learn better. I have my hobbies in different areas. I love digital media - DVD's, Video Games, satellite communications (specialty), communications between cable providers and end users. I also am not the classic geek, as I work out and stay fit (soldier in me). My physical hobbies include mountain biking, baseball, mixed martial arts and blowing stuff up.

Professionally, I have worked in Security, surveillance, body guarding, combat arms, investigations, skip tracing and other LE affiliated fields. I am very knowledgeable in Canadian Criminal Law as well as Drug Interdiction operations, Child Anti-Pornography, Outlaw Motorcycle gangs and other areas such as these.

Weapons of Choice: - Sidearm - HK USP (.40cal), Kahr Arms M1911A1, SIG Sauer P228 (.357) - SMG - Any HK Series weapon, FN P90 - Assault - M4A1 SOPMOD, G36C, C7 - Support - Ma Deuce, 249 Para

Pages Addicted to Working On[edit]

Joint Task Force 2 Delta Force Ghostbusters

Just one question[edit]

Hi, is it possible you can email me the Delta Force training video you were talking about in 2007? any format is fine,