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About Me[edit]

I am a medical/psychological anthropologist and psychiatrist currently residing in Los Angeles. I made my first logged edit on 24 October 2006. My major areas of interest and expertise are social and psychological anthropology, medicine, sexology, queer culture (mainly US and Europe); minor areas are sci-fi/fantasy, European history, Central European society, medieval Europe, Harvard, and California.

In April 2007, I joined the Wikipedia:WikiProject Anthropology to clean up and expand articles related to socio-cultural anthropology, though I am not sure how active this WikiProject is. While there are some solid articles in the area of sociocultural anthropology, many seem to have been written with very partial perspectives or rely too heavily on popular works and do not meet Wikipedia's Neutral Point of View or Verifiability standards. (For example, several dwell at length on the association of 19th-century anthropology with racial or Social Darwinist doctrines, despite the fact that most of modern anthropology since Malinowski and Boas has mounted a steady campaign against such ideas; it would be comparable to an article on modern medicine that devoted more than half its coverage to bloodletting and humoral theory). I would welcome collaboration on cleaning up and expanding these areas, which have been designated (not by me) as target articles for Wikification.

I was working on Psychological anthropology, but anticipate that a reasonable and NPOV article will take a while. In the meantime, I tend to generate or expand bio articles on psychological anthropologists, which is much easier and more fun. Currently I'm too occupied by residency to work much on Wiki articles.

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