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The wanderer above the sea of fog, Caspar David Friedrich, 1818.

Marcel Douwe Dekker (Mdd) (Delft 1964), Dutch systems engineer and conceptual artist, who participates in the Dutch and English Wikipedia, Wikicommons, Wikiquote, Wiktionary and Wikisource since September 2004.

Wikipedia contributions[edit]

Listing of articles created, rewritten and/or significantly expanded:

Modeling, visualization and its history[edit]

General diagram shapes.

Thematic articles:

And biographical articles, new or largely improved:

Templates & categories:

Organizational theory, psychology, sociology, economy, husbandry[edit]

Thematic articles:

Biographical articles, new and/or largely improved:


History of management, theorists, executives, engineers, agriculturists, economists and others:

Systems engineering, software engineering & enterprise engineering[edit]

Overview of data modeling context.

Thematic articles:

And biographical articles, new and or largely improved:




Systems sciences, operations research, econometrics, methodology and more[edit]

Systems thinking about the society based on Malotaux (1985).

Thematic articles:

Biographical articles:


Books and journals:




Some more about art[edit]


More general[edit]

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Documentary pictures[edit]

Global illustration for metamodelling[edit]

Enterprise modelling illustrations[edit]

Software development illustrations[edit]

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