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I've been a member since 27 Aug 2005. Since then, I've racked up over 800 edits and currently watch over 250 articles. (As of 28 Dec 2006). I hate spam and do as much as I can to clean it up when I see it. I monitor certain commonly-spammed articles. I still consider myself a newbie, but I help out other users as much as I can.

I'm a computer scientist by training, but my edits are usually quite diverse.

You can send me mail, and I will receive it, but for my privacy, I don't normally respond except via user talk pages.

Before I added a user account, I did some edits as and

This is one of my favorite images on Wikipedia.

Best quote ever[edit]

<CtrlAltDestroy> Here is my impression of Wikipedia.
<CtrlAltDestroy> "There are five fingers on the human hand [citation needed]"[1]

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Things to Do[edit]

  • Fix/disambiguate Hepburn. Most links think it to be Hepburn Romanization....and it isn't.
  • Write up new research into the taste of PTC
  • Find and kill evil twin
  • Expand quick bread
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