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This is my user page. . .

Hello There Mean as Custard,

I have reviewed the content of the EFI Wikipedia Page you flagged and I am not sure where I went wrong with the content included. The sources are reliable and accurate and other technology companies have verified the information regarding the products. I am not sure how we sound biased or promotional as the information we have added is based on facts regarding the technology being discussed. If you can tell me the issue, citing specific areas, then I can better attempt to make the necessary changes to ensure the page doesn’t get flagged again.

Your comments will be much appreciated Thanks! Gigante Vaz

January 9, 2014

Speedy Deletion of Logicalis UK

Hi, I understand why Logicalis UK was deleted; due to unambiguous advertising etc. Would it be possible if you could revert the page so I can edit what I have been working on so it is appropriate for Wikipedia. You deleted the page about a month ago, the long delay in my response about the deletion was due to holiday and being away from working on my project here. Thanks, Bargyy (talk) 17:15, 25 November 2013 (UTC)

Why you reverse Fabrizio Moreira bio to a no update version?

When you revert the page to a no update version, you are removing an image with Copyrights, you are removing a valid webpage and twitter account, you are removing also important information what is public and in the news.