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Gaseous organism[edit]

Gaseous organisms are life forms which are either composed of gas or which incorporate gas as a significant component of their internal physiology. While largely creatures of scientific speculation or of science fiction, the Portuguese Man o' War does incorporate a prominent air bladder. Examples would include the vaporous gas vampire of the Star Trek episode Obsession, the plasma creature of X, and the hot-air balloon-like bladder bearing residents of gas giant planets speculated about in Carl Sagan's Cosmos.

Forms incorporating gas[edit]

Terrestrial life is cellular. Cells are droplets of water surrounded by a lipid membrane in which are dissolved and suspended various chemicals and microscopic structures made of organic macromolecules of varying size and complexity. Terrestrial life is hence a liquid medium in which various solids are suspended and gasses are dissolved and which may include solid structures such as skeletons produced by cells or gaseous inclusions such as bladders and voids. The Portuguese man o' war,

Forms comprised of gas[edit]

Haemopis ottorum[edit]

Animal Diversity Finalists[edit]

Mammal Diversity 2011.pngAnimal diversity.pngBird Diversity 2011.png


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Asteroidea 01.jpg Face of a Phidippus mystaceus jumping spider.(adult female).jpg Sponges in Caribbean Sea, Cayman Islands.jpg Sympetrum flaveolum - side (aka).jpg Three-Rowed Sea Cucumber.jpg

Orsotriaena medus.jpg Puz u moru 3.jpg Liocarcinus vernalis.jpg Grapevinesnail 01.jpg

Pseudoceros dimidiatus.jpg Lady-beetle-close-up.jpg Octopus shell.jpg C wegeneri.JPG

Colibri-thalassinus-001-edit.jpg Dendrocygna bicolor wilhelma.jpg Black swan jan09.jpg Bdelloid Rotifer.jpg

Soybean cyst nematode and egg SEM.jpg White shark.jpg Bufo periglenes2.jpg AgamaSinaita01 ST 10 edit.jpg

Astronotus ocellatus.jpg Siberischer tiger de edit02.jpg Zooplankton2 300.jpg

Bluebell tunicates Nick Hobgood.jpg Echiniscus L.png Freshwater Bryozoan234.JPG Liospiriferina rostrata Noir.jpg

SpongeColorCorrect.jpg Cnidaire.jpg Pink Fairy Armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus) (cropped).jpg Tatou tronqué.JPG

Opossum 2.jpg Haliaeetus leucocephalus LC0195 edit 1.jpg Meinguppy.JPG Fangtooth moray.jpg

Squid komodo.jpg Snail-WA edit02.jpg Macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus Bruny.jpg Elizabeth II greets NASA GSFC employees, May 8, 2007 edit.jpg Barentsa discreta suzukokemusi02.jpg Giant clam black&white komodo.jpg

Tunicate off Atauro island.jpg Tridacna squamosa (Giant clam) Timor.jpg Scallop eyes.jpg Giant clam2 Mahe.jpg

Animal finalists[edit]

Asteroidea 01.jpg Sponges in Caribbean Sea, Cayman Islands.jpg Sepiola atlantica.jpg

Liocarcinus vernalis.jpg C wegeneri.JPG Cyanocitta cristata blue jay.jpg

Tridacna squamosa (Giant clam) Timor.jpg Pseudoceros dimidiatus.jpg Phoronid ASlotwinski.jpg

Aurelia aurita (Cnidaria) Luc Viatour.jpg LeopardMothBlueSpots edit1.jpg

Siberischer tiger de edit02.jpg Tunicate komodo.jpg Dimorphic Jumping Spider.jpg Jumping Spider Eyes.jpg

Echiniscus L.png Freshwater Bryozoan234.JPG Fangtooth moray.jpg

Mammal Diversity[edit]

Desmodusrotundus.jpg Opossum 1.jpg Eastern Grey Kangaroo.jpg Northern Elephant Seal, San Simeon2.jpg

Humpback Whale fg1.jpg Tree Pangolin.JPG Elephants.jpg

Elephant in Botswana.JPG Fox squirrel.jpg Leonid Brezhnev and Richard Nixon talks in 1973.png

American Bulldog puppies.jpg Platypus.jpg Platypus BrokenRiver QLD Australia.jpg

Zebra 4.jpg Zebras.jpg Rhino Whipsnade.jpg

Elephant Shrew.jpg South American armadillo - desc-curled up - from-DC1.jpg Tamandua tetradactyla qtl1.jpg

Caribou from Wagon Trails.jpg Seehund.jpg Elephant seals fighting.jpg

Flying bat with tree orig.JPG South American armadillo - desc-curled up - from-DC1.jpg Tamandua tetradactyla qtl1.jpg

Crested Porcupine.jpg American Bulldog puppies.jpg Humpback Whale fg1 cropped.JPG

Mammal Diversity finalists[edit]

Desmodusrotundus.jpg Opossum 1 cropped.JPG Eastern Grey Kangaroo.jpg

Notoryctes typhlops.jpg Leonid Brezhnev and Richard Nixon talks in 1973 cropped.JPG Elephant seals fighting.jpg

Fox squirrel.jpg Tree Pangolin.JPG Elephants.jpg

Platypus.jpg Dermoptère-2011-02-02.JPG Caribou from Wagon Trails.jpg

Humpback Whale fg1 cropped.JPG Condylura cropped.JPG Panda head.jpg

Giant armadillo.jpg Zebras.jpg Elephant Shrew.jpg

Bird diversity[edit]

Southern cassowary.jpg Head Peacock.jpg King Penguin's Toboggan in Asahiyama Zoo.jpg

Kiwi hg.jpg Opisthocomus hoazin.jpg Ostrich Ngorongoro 04.jpg

Colca-condor-c03.jpg BroadbilledHummingbird.jpg Mute Swan Osaka.jpg

Leucochloris albicollis (flight-2).jpg Sword-billed Hummingbird (Ensifera ensifera).jpg

Mute swan Vrhnika.jpg Fairy penguin.jpg

Karuwai at August 2005 Health Check.JPG Masai ostrich.jpg Cassowary.jpg Cassowary head close-up cropped.jpg

Hummingbird Texas.jpg Stripe-tailed Hummingbird.jpg Ostrich head.jpg Ostrich head 02.jpg

Bird diversity finalists[edit]

Southern cassowary.jpg Head Peacock.jpg King Penguin's Toboggan in Asahiyama Zoo.jpg

Kiwi hg.jpg Opisthocomus hoazin.jpg Ostrich Ngorongoro 04.jpg

Colca-condor-c03.jpg BroadbilledHummingbird.jpg Mute Swan Osaka.jpg

Owl eyes.jpg Lightmatter flamingo2.jpg Gull 4837.jpg

Yellow-naped Amazon.jpg Pied Crow-2.JPG Geococcyx californianus -California, USA-8.jpg

Woodpecker 20040529 151837 1c cropped.JPG Pelicans 3.JPG Victoria Crowned Pigeon Jurong cropped.JPG

Red-bellied woodpecker on railing.JPG Eurypyga helias -London Zoo, England-8a (2).jpg Sarus Crane (Grus antigone) at Sultanpur I Picture 151.jpg

Bay-headed Tanager.jpg Quetzal01 cropped.JPG

Owl yellow eyes.jpg Philippine Scops Owl.jpg Masked owl head 002.jpg

Pelican-pink-backed.jpg Yellow-bibbed-Lory.jpg Bathing flamingo 02.jpg Masked owl head 002.jpg Secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius).jpg Greater Roadrunner Arizona 2.jpg Gymnomystax mexicanus -Belem, Para, Brasil-8.jpg

Fish diversity[edit]

Pacific hagfish Myxine.jpgDiversas lampreas.1 - Aquarium Finisterrae.JPGChlamydoselachus anguineus head.jpg

Hydrolagus colliei 01.jpgSawfish genova.jpgRhinobatos productus Tremendo.jpg

Torpedo californica2.jpgManta birostris-Thailand.jpg

Manta birostris feeding.jpgGreat white shark on his back.jpgElephant shark melb aquarium.jpg

Océanopolis - les aquariums 010.JPG2006 March 15 jason2.jpgBamboo Shark.jpg

Pristiophorus japonicus.jpgHeterodontus francisci monterey.jpgHornhai (Heterodontus francisci).JPG

Heterodontus galeatus with egg.jpgHeterodontus portusjacksoni oceanopolis.jpgSmooth lanternshark nmfs3.jpg

Oxynotus bruniensis.jpgMandarin dogfish2.jpgSquatina australis 2.jpg

Squatina japonica2.jpgBasking Shark.jpgCetorhinus maximus by greg skomal.JPG

Notorynchus cepedianus 2.jpg

thresher nurse megamouth


TortueLuth Leatherback.jpgAlligator Snapping Turtle.jpgEastern box turtle.jpg Floridasoftshellturtle-cropped.jpg2turtles.JPGLoggerhead sea turtle.jpg Chelus fimbriatus-Toronto Zoo, Ontario, Canada.jpgRotbauchspitzkopfschildkroete-07.jpgGiant Tortoise.JPG Galapagos giant tortoise Geochelone elephantopus.jpgChild riding tortoise.jpgZoo Beauval 12 06 2010 09 Dipsochelys elephantina.jpg Tuatara.jpg30-ish male tuatara.jpgTuatara Sphenodon punctatus standing proud.jpg Sphenodon punctatus in Waikanae, New Zealand.jpgHenry head close up.jpg Gharial and Turtle at the Crocodile Bank - Mamallapuram - India.JPGIndian Gharial Crocodile Digon3.JPGTomistoma schlegelii fg01.JPGBrillenkaiman (01) 2006-09-19.JPGBuberel cayman 1.jpgJacaredopapoamarelo2.jpg Saltwatercroc kakadu2.jpg Chameleon head.jpgYemen Chameleon.jpgChameleon Wroclaw ZOO.jpg FurciferPardalisMale.JPGEndormi P1430887.JPGCalumma Parsonii Ste Marie Madagascar.jpg Calumma Parsonii Close Up Ste Marie Madagascar.jpgFurcifer pardalis -Zürich Zoo-8a.jpgChamaeleo calyptratus 01.jpg Furcifer pardalis 02.JPGChamaeleon Ankarana MS6264.jpgJackson's Chameleon444.jpg AgamaSinaita01 ST 10 edit.jpgAlbino Alligator 2008.jpgPlumedbasiliskcele4 edit.jpg Uroplatus fimbriatus (3).jpgVariable bush viper.jpg



Ctenolepisma lineata pae.jpgSminthuridae sp 01.jpgDragonfly (2413057204).jpg


  1. Medeis

more boyds[edit]

Ceyx erithaca.JPG


SanWild17.jpg Rhynchocyon petersi one.JPG Taupe doree.jpg

Klipdas.jpg Tree-hyrax.jpg Yellow-spotted Rock Hyrax.jpg

Greater Hedgehog Tenrec (Setifer setosus) (9614561811).jpg Kleiner-igeltanrek-a.jpg Lowland Streaked Tenrec, Mantadia, Madagascar.jpg


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