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Ayubowewa !!!

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About Me[edit]

Committed identity: cefd168e1eaa40325cd708e4e10d1389f61dc2e5c97f1adb7693dc65eafa78fc82f6ebb5afe9cd2fbc54abb8ba1a8c2b8925f10fb6865c116db5c97ff48eafda is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

I am an avid fan of Wikipedia and the opportunities made available for which words cannot describe and this was made possible by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger - take a bow gentlemen. I am a Sri Lankan and currently a student majoring Mechanical engineering.Because of the authenticity of the articles presented, I always made time to visit this site.

In the middle of 2007, I seriously began to surf Wikipedia on a full time basis - more or less, and began to do minor edits, on an anonymous basis during 2008. In the period of 2010, I registered with Wikipedia under a separate user name. From the period of 2011, I registered with Wikipedia under the purview of MediaJet - my current user name which is the same today and perhaps forever.

Given my exhaustive study schedule and long travel hours, I find time to contribute to Wikipedia to the very best of my abilities. I do minor edits where possible and larger edits as and when time permits. No matter how tired I am I enjoy immensely doing this because Wikipedia has helped me a long way in my studies. This is my way of putting something back into the society I live in. I do not overlook Wikimedia commons and contribute to it as well - again as time does permit. In the near future, I hope to increase my contributions to other projects that come under the Wikimedia Foundation. I edit Wikipedia in keeping with my knowledge - in good faith and genuine concern, however, if and where I am incorrect (for whatever reason), please get with me on my user talk page.

In conclusion, I stress on the fact that I contribute avidly to Articles under WikiProject Sri Lanka.

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