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Click this text to contact the Mediation Committee

To contact the Mediation Committee (MedCom) using Wikipedia's EmailUser function, click the above link while logged into your Wikipedia account. You must have previously confirmed your e-mail address (see Wikipedia:Emailing users#Enabling and disabling user email). If you have not confirmed your e-mail address, you may instead compose a message in your client to Before being circulated to the list subscribers, all messages will be held for approval by a list administrator.


Not confirmed your e-mail?[edit]

If you are not able to confirm your e-mail address, you can instead attempt to email an active mediator and ask them to forward your message to the mailing list, but there is no guarantee that your message will reach the mailing list. You can also directly e-mail the mailing list on, but messages may be held for moderation, and may be discarded by any list moderator or the Chairman at their sole discretion.

Further information[edit]