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Hello! I am Mediran, an instructor at Wikipedia's Counter-Vandalism Unit Academy (CVUA). This means that I teach aspiring Wikipedia users (called Wikipedians), who want to be future vandal patrollers, how to identify and deal with vandalism.

Each editor I will tutor will get his/her own Academy page, where I will keep him/her updates on the progress of the course. I will use that to give tasks to users I tutor to help them develop their anti-vandalism skills. Once a user has completed the program, I will give him/her five days, during which I will monitor his/her activity; at the end of which, I will set him/her a final test to end the course. If there are no major problems during the monitoring phase and he/she is successful at the test, the user will finally graduate.

As well as this program, I will offer whatever extra support to those I tutor whenever it is necessary. I always welcome users raising questions or problems at my talk page or at their own Academy page and will do my best to address them — part of being a CVUA trainer is to give advice and support to users as they run into problems or difficult situations. Once a user has graduated, I will still give them advice or support that they need.

Current student(s)
Note: I copied stuff from ItsZippy's and Callanecc's CVUA pages. Thanks a lot to the two of you!Mediran [talk]