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Mephiles the Dark (メフィレス・ザ・ダーク, Mefiresu za Dāku) is a character whom of which has only had one appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog (series), this being the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog. Most notably, they are Iblis's (A boss in-game) other half. Combined, they form the main boss to the game, Solaris, whom of which exists in all dimensions of the Sonic world. They were resurrected from Shadow the Hedgehog's shadow after being broken from the "Scepter of Darkness", which they had greatly resembled after this, with only very few differences (Being green eyes, no evident mouth, but is still able to speak; blue-grey/teal stripes instead of red, blue-grey/teal accessories, and a discolored muzzle). Their true form, however, was in the appearance of dark matter. This was the first character to effectively take Sonic's life; nevertheless, all did not come out as was desired.

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