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Kate Bradley is an Australian singer / songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. Bradley grew up in the suburbs of Brisbane in the 1980s and was nicknamed Kate Bush for her obsession with the UK singer.

The music she creates swings between indie pop / punk / electro and alt country, often facing comparisons with artists like PJ Harvey, Beth Orton, Cat Power, and Patti Smith.

Bradley has a number of acts she performs in: Kate Bradley & The Goodbye Horses, The Dark Fair, Warning Waves and her solo project I BE Desdemona.

Bradley has released two commercial and completely self-funded recordings which include, her EP “Don’t You Choose Me” (2005 MGM) and her debut album “The Deeper The Sand” (2008, SugarRush Records / IODA).

Bradley now runs her own record company, SingleRider.

In 2011, she will be releasing a new EP with her new band "The Dark Fair". The EP is titled "Penny Universe" and comprises 4 tracks. The EP has had an interesting journey, beginning in 2009 at BlackBox Studios in Brisbane, with the first track "Some Storms Have Names" produced by Bradley and producer, Magoo. After moving to Melbourne, Bradley then recorded the remainder of the EP at Atlantis Sound with Dave McLuney, with the EP being further refined and mixed in the US by producer, Stuart Sikes (Cat Power, The White Stripes).