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HAPPILY so! (And keeps the family informed of all his web activities especially Wikipedia)!!!

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...that does not mean he is always successful!

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...and has experienced -40 deg C in northern Canada.

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I am Mehran Wahid (user:Mehranwahid) and this is my Wikipedia page.
I am an old Royalist (Royal College, Colombo, Sri Lanka).
My interests are science especially (but not limited to) space, space-travel, cosmology and weather forecasting (especially of cyclones, typhoons or hurricanes). I am a keen reader of New Scientist.
I was a ship's captain until 2008 but then became Project Manager for the building of new ships (first in Netherlands and then in China), for a joint German-Sri Lankan venture and am now DPA (Designated Person Ashore) for them. Today I live and work in Germany.


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