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Kukishinden Tenshin Hyoho Sojutsu
About Mekugi

I was born in 1971 in Portland, Oregon and currently I am a U.S. expatriate living in Kuwana, Japan.

I started my martial arts journey in 1984-85 when I started Sosuishiryu in Oregon. After 16 years of study, I decided I should branch out and I started studying Shinto Muso Ryu Jo. Eventually, my path led me to Japan where I now study Sosuishi ryu, Shinto Muso Ryu, Owari Tenshin Koryu Kempo, Kukishinden Tenshin Hyoho and Hōten-ryū. This may seem like a lot, but the last four budo I study are under the same teacher, so I am not Dojo hopping or bogging myself down too much.

I'm married and the father of three. I live a quiet life as an English teacher in the Aichi and Mie prefectures of Japan. I own two businesses here, work a full time job and manage to raise 3 kids, all while training five days a week. Busy is my way of life, and thus busy I am.

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