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Rhoda Roberts

Rhoda Roberts (born c. 1960) is an Australian journalist, broadcaster, actor, producer, director, writer, arts advisor, and artistic director.

Rhoda is a member of the Bundjalung Nation, Wiyebal Clan, of Northern NSW and South East Queensland. She is the daughter of the late Pastor Frank Roberts, an Aboriginal activist and a minister with the Church of Christ, and Muriel Roberts, a white woman.[1] Rhoda was the twin sister of Lois Roberts and is the sister of Mark and Philip Roberts.

The Roberts children were of mixed race and when they were growing up, such children were still being removed from their parents if the authorities deemed it necessary.[2] In the documentary film, 'A Sister's Love' by Ivan Sen, Rhoda describes how she grew up with the fear that any day she might be taken away from her parents.[3]

Rhoda initially trained and worked as a nurse, as her mother advised her she would never be employed as a writer.[4]

Rhoda married Bill Hunter (actor), 19 years her senior, in 1992; they later divorced amicably. She has remarried to farmer, stonemason and landscape designer Stephen Field, to whom she was introduced by his actor brother David Field. They have two children and are also raising the daughter of Rhoda's murdered sister. [5]

Rhoda is the presenter of a radio show, "Deadly Sounds" , for Vibe Australia. She is also working on her first novel, Tullymorgan.[6]

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