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Mahmoud MenaysyLink title

                         الفنان محمود منيسى

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Member of the Fine Artists Association. Member of Alexandria Atelier.


Freelance artist.

Commissioner & the General Coordinator of the Project ( Exchange modern and contemporary art ) in Egypt .

Places of interest


Solo shows

Cairo Atelier, 1992,1994,1996. The Spanish Cultural Center in Alexandria, 1997. Zamalek Arts Center, 1998. Rateb Sedeek art gallery, Cairo Atelier, 1999.

Local exhibitions

National Group Exhibitions: The 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 14th Youth Salon, 1991, 1993,1994,1995,1996,1999,2000. “Youth of First Vision”, the Russian Cultural Center in Alexandria, 1992. Alexandria Youth Salon, 1996,1997. The first Salon of Mini Works of Art, 1997. Freelance Fine Artists Exhibition at Zamalek Arts Center, 1997:2001. The 3rd Salon of Mini Works of Art, 1999. The 25th, 27th, 28th National Art Exhibition, 1997,2001,2003. The Premier Black and White Drawing Salon, Gezira Arts Center, May 2004. The First Nour al-Shakl (Shape’s Light) at the Arts Palace, November 2004. The 7th Salon of Mini Works of Art, 2004. The 29th National Art Exhibition, 2005.

International exhibitions

The Great River Festival Masrana City, Libya, 1994. The 7th Cairo International Biennale, 1998. The 21st Alexandria International Biennale of Mediterranean Countries, 2001, Al-Shouf International Art Symposium in Lebanon, 2001.


Sabbatical leave of the Ministry of Culture, 1996,1998.

Local and international Who's Who

Youth Salon Encyclopedia, First Edition, edited by Dr. Sobhy el-Sharoony, 1994, Sector of Fine Arts Publications. Youth Salon Encyclopedia, Second Edition, edited by critic Mohammed Hamza, Sector of Fine Arts Publications, 2002.

Local recognition

Jury prize for painting, the 7th Youth Salon, 1995. Second prize for drawing, the 8th Youth Salon, 1996. Prize for drawing, Alexandria Youth Salon, 1997. Top prize for installation, the 9th Youth Salon, 1997. Encouraging prize, the 14th Youth Salon, 2002.

Private collection

Among collections of art lovers in Egypt, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

State collection

The Ministry of Culture. Cultural Development Fund. The Supreme Council of Culture.


Mahmoud Menaysy dreaming young artist. I really fascinated with your technical and imaginative improvement as well as that easily deep powerful style in expressing your art visions. Tributes to the young artist who enriched the young art life with hopeful ambitious deeds. Farouk Hosni

In few years Menaysy was able to unleash his deep powerful art character submitting it to experience the Modern Art. In the last two years, this young talented artist introduced important answers to art perplexes. For instance how to tackle the contradiction thesis and the importance of shock and contrast.

If he tackles woman’s body, he will incarnate the ethereal treasure that carry the space to express the entire existence of universe, thus it would be the cold deaf material that explodes to protest against all solid, cold, soft, thick, soulless, and mindless. Even though, Menissy still faithful to the system and method, even his keen on the systematic aestheticism margined his original theory of omission and protest, settle it among shock and contrast factors to unveil the artificial consumed stereotyped. Ahmed Fouad Selim