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I'm Rich, a geek from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I look remarkably like the handsome gentleman illustrated at right.

You can glean more info about me from my LiveJournal and its userinfo page, and my website.

For two days I was known as RichL, but ten years of being "mendel" on IRC won out.

I am engaged to the lovely Nyxie.


All of the following make using and contributing to Wikipedia easier for me:

Areas of Interest[edit]

In which I describe in a barely-organized manner the sorts of things I expect I might be contributing to based on my interests and history.


I'm a Unix system administrator and Perl programmer by trade, and while I only briefly studied formal computer science I expect I'll touch on that area here and there.

Sociology and Economics[edit]

I have an undergraduate degree in sociology which at times started looking like I might end up studying Economics instead. My areas of concentration at the time included deviance, labor theory, queer theory, and medical sociology.


I studied jazz performance and computer music at the undergrad level for three years before switching into sociology. I play rock and jazz bass guitar, jazz and a bit of classic double bass, Irish traditional music on the flute and tinwhistle, and a bit of bodhrán and guitar.

Much of my listening time is filled with indie rock. The first article I wrote from scratch was on Canadian indie rock band Hot Hot Heat.


I possess (but have not used for some time — in fact it expires any day now) a student pilot permit, and am predictably a bit of an aviation nut, although I'm certainly not an aviation historian. Nonetheless I expect I will be dabbling in some general aviation articles.


I have no formal training in physics whatsoever, but I might have enough understanding thereof to tweak articles toward the layman level.


I am a neophyte motorcyclist, having picked up a license and a 1981 GS250T this summer and will find my way around relevant articles soon enough.

Articles for which I take some blame[edit]

Full or nearly-full blame[edit]

Partial blame[edit]


To-do list[edit]