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Knights Callidus
Elite Order of the Supreme Adjudicators and Soldiers of Christ
Callidus Cross.svg
The symbol of the Order. The central star represents the Knights' light of civilisation among the darkness of the underclasses.
Active c. 2000
Allegiance Presbyterian Christianity
Type Western Christian military order and secret society
Size Unknown
Nickname(s) Order of the Supreme Adjudicators
Motto(s) Aduro Omnis Sentina
Attire Black mantle with a white cross, centered with a yellow ten-pointed star.

The Elite Order of the Supreme Adjudicators and Soldiers of Christ, commonly known as the Knights Callidus, the Modern Crusaders, the Callidus Order or less commonly as the Cleansers of Humankind, is one of a few remaining Western Christian military orders in modern society. However, unlike the military orders of medieval times, the Order is primarily a secret society. The word 'callidus' in Latin has a number of meanings. Among them are clever, dexterous, experienced, skillful, cunning and sly. The Latin motto, Aduro Omnis Sentina, translates literally as 'To set fire to all dregs', (referring to the 'dregs' of society), meaning to destroy the underclass of society. Members of the Order are commonly referred to as Callidus or Callidari Knights or simply as 'Callidari', which translates as 'skillfully'.

Established in the early 21st century, the Order's founding purpose was to 'forcefully strike back' against the increasing size of the 'scum element' in modern society[1] and to 'stamp out' anti-social behaviour with whatever means necessary and 'punish and where possible reform' delinquents where 'the responsible state in question has not attempted or failed to correctly do so'. The methods employed by the Order to achieve this vary from member to member, and although some circles impose strict rules and regulations regarding the activities of their individual Knights, the governing body of the Order allows relatively free rein for its members, as long as the Great Mandates of the Charter Callidus are followed without question at all times, as well as the orders of the Callidus Conclave and those senior to any particular Knight in the organisation. Since the Callidari claim to be Knights, the prefix 'Sir' is added to their names within the Order.

Great Mandates[edit]

Callidus Knights are required to follow or fulfil ten Mandates which cannot be ignored or disobeyed by any member, but some of the ten directives are not specific and are to a certain extent open for interpretation for individual circles of the Order. Following are the Mandates as they are listed in the Charter Callidus, the organisational charter of the Order.

  • All Knights must strive to rid modern society of the Undesirable Masses which blight our civilisation.
  • All Knights must spread the Awareness among the Civilised People of this Earth that the Undesirable Masses exist and must be destroyed.
  • All Knights must be Christian believers and attend church at least once every three weeks.
  • All Knights must aim to attain an ever higher position in modern society from which the Awareness can be spread.
  • All Knights must support the Order in every way they can, in everything they do.
  • All Knights must be faithful to the Order, and keep its secrets, protect its members and care for it's property.
  • All Knights must obey orders issued to them by their superiors within the organisation.
  • All Knights must understand that God is the sole authority above that of the Callidus Conclave.
  • All Knights must defend the Civilised People of this Earth from the threat of the Undesirable Masses.
  • All Knights must defend Christianity and its followers and protect them from harm.

Organisation Structure[edit]

The Order exists as an organised union of many individual groups of member Knights, called Callidus Circles. Each circle must have a minimum of fifteen Knights at any time, where one of the Knights presides over the rest of the circle with the title of Adjudicator, elected by internal majority vote every six months. The circle which presides over the organisation as a whole is the Callidus Conclave, the governing body of the Order. It permanently has fifteen members, fourteen of which hold the title of Overlord, and the prefix of 'Lord' within the Order. The fifteenth Knight holds the title of Grand Master and the prefix of 'Master', and is the head of the entire organisation, directly presiding over the Conclave.

If the membership of a circle drops below fifteen, it is declared defunct by an Overlord and the remaining Knights must attend the nearest non-defunct circle until enough new Knights have been recruited, an objective which is the responsibility of the last-elected Adjudicator of the circle in question, and becomes the key priority of the Knights formerly of that circle. When enough Knights have been recruited, the last-elected Adjudicator sends a request to the Conclave that the circle is inspected and reinstated by an Overlord. In the same way, if a group of Knights in a large Callidus Circle think devolution necessary, a new separate circle can be formed if a formal request is sent by that group of Knights to the Callidus Conclave and it is met by both a successful majority vote of Overlords and the Grand Master's approval. These two conditions are also what must be met in order to disband a circle permanently, or to permanently merge or amalgamate it into another circle.


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