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I am Meow (born 20 December 1989), a translator, editor, software tester, and postgraduate student in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Before September 2016, I lived in Taipei, Taiwan.

I have been participating in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects since 1 July 2004. I decided to write more articles in the English Wikipedia and upload more files to Wikimedia Commons during the 2010s. As the Taiwanese editor started to focus more on meteorology since 2011, especially tropical cyclones, I have completed many articles of typhoons; moreover, some of the files I uploaded have been chosen as feature pictures in the English Wikipedia, such as the satellite images of Hurricane Patricia in October 2015 and the three hurricanes in early September 2017.

Aside from meteorology, I joined the furry fandom in 2007. Chita, a website established by myself in 2004, is now a furry imageboard powered by WordPress. In Wikimedia Commons, I also provided many original furry artworks designed by myself and commissioned to be drawn by several artists. Despite being a Taiwanese and living in Taiwan, I do not particiate in the furry fandom of Greater China, just like that I do not participate in the Chinese Wikipedia.



My signature consists of emoji, the renaissance of Egyptian hieroglyphs, to lead the future of Wikimedia signatures.

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