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Mercuba, was born in Banes, Cuba, 1952.

  • I started contributing to Wikipedia on 2006 adding information to Juan T. Vazquez Martin page which had little information as I am his representative.

What I am and do:[edit]

  • I am artists representative and cultural exchange promoter.
  • Also, I am Quaker from birth and have found that Quakerism is the best for my spiritual development.
  • I like to play the guitar and to sing.


  • I like to share information and also to learn how to share information with others.
  • Computer softwares and hardware are now my hobby.
  • I love music. I sing my own compositions and other people's songs as well.
  • I like to travel, to meet new people and places.
  • The enviroment's health is very important to me because I love Nature and because I understand that Humanity has no future without a healthy environment.


  • I studied engineering at Havana and Santiago de Cuba universities.
  • I studied English for a long time and I try to learn more about the language. I also know some Italian.

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