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My interests are quite broad, including history, warfare, indie music, fantasy/science fiction writing, and anything else that takes my fancy that week (physics, religion, etc.) I can claim to be an expert in very few areas, so I will rarely change substantial information, unless I know for a fact that it is incorrect or misleading. However I do have quite a strong interest in making Wikipedia more readable, too often it feels badly edited. I will correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, and I will sometimes reorder sentences and paragraphs if I think it helps the meaning. I am sure I will make occasional mistakes doing this, despite my best efforts, and I apologise in advance for doing so; but I think too often people wait for an expert to write a definitive article, when really quite small changes would make the current material more readable. I will be happy to reply if you wish to communicate with me via my talk page, although I logon to Wikipedia quite erratically; sometimes you might get a response in five minutes, sometimes not for a week or more.