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This is the user page for Metropolitan90.

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That infamous game[edit]

The following text is based on a past version of WP:NFT [1], and additional versions of the game are being added as they are identified.

Often, while looking for things to do, people at school come up with a Wikipedia-related game that has already been invented:
Variants of this game generally consist of challenges or competitions in which the goal is to click links from page to page so as to arrive at a particular page using the fewest possible links. As you can see, we already have this idea covered in the project namespace. We've deleted it from the article namespace numerous times:
  1. Wikilinking (AfD discussion) (more AFD discussion) (log)
  2. Wikilinks (game) (AfD discussion) (log)
  3. Wikipedia game (AfD discussion) (log)
  4. Wiki Link Contest (AfD discussion) (log)
  5. Wikisurfing (AfD discussion) (log)
  6. Wikichallenge (AfD discussion) (log)
  7. The Max Pratt Game (AfD discussion) (log)
  8. Wikipedia golf (AfD discussion) (log)
  9. Wikipedia race (AfD discussion) (log)
  10. Wikipediation (AfD discussion) (log)
  11. Degrees of Wikipedia (AfD discussion) (log)
  12. Wikipedia link game (log)
  13. WikiLadder (AfD discussion) (log)
  14. En/wiki/Wikipedia Racing (log)
  15. Wiki-surfing (AfD discussion) (log)
  16. Wikigame (log)
  17. Connect-A-Pedia (AfD discussion) (log)
  18. Five clicks to jesus (log) The object here was to arrive at the page Jesus.
  19. Find Jesus (log) Another with the object of arriving at the page Jesus.
  20. Wikipedia games (AfD discussion) (log)
  21. The Hitler Game (log) The object was to arrive at Adolf Hitler this time.
  22. The Wikipedia game (log)
  23. Wikit (AfD discussion) (log)
  24. Five Clicks To Jesus (AfD discussion) (log) See above.
  25. Wikijumping (AfD discussion) (log)
  26. The Wikipedia Game (log)
  27. Wikiwak (log)
  28. Howandy wikipedia game (log)
  29. Wikipedia challenge (log)
  30. The Wikipedian Game (AfD discussion) (log)
  31. Wiki'd (AfD discussion) (log)
  32. Wikipedia Races (AfD discussion) (log)

There have been claims that the game was invented in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and possibly other countries. In some cases different people have been identified as inventing the game under the same name in different versions of the same article. In any event, please take note: this game has already been invented.

An article about this topic finally passed an AfD in November 2011:

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Model United Nations AfD results[edit]

Delete Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Model United Nations Cheadle Hulme, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Robert College International Model United Nations, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Yale Model United Nations, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Singapore Model United Nations, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Trent Model United Nations, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Hong Kong International Model United Nations, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Ho Chi Minh City Model United Nations, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/William and Mary High School Model United Nations, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Skagerak and Nesbru Model United Nations, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Southern Ontario Model United Nations Assembly.

Merge Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Norway Model United Nations Society, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Berkeley Model United Nations, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Harvard Model United Nations.

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